Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 14 - Game of the Year 2010 and Square-Enix Premiere Show

Welcome to the Out-Cast Episode 14! This time, the podcast is split cleanly into two parts. The first is our discussion on the Square-Enix First Production Department Premiere and what it means for Square-Enix in the coming year. For the second half of the podcast, we are once again joined by 1UP and Wired's Dan Feit where we talk all about the best and worst games of 2010. Feel free to post your own bests and worsts in the comments bellow. Enjoy!

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Streaming: Blip.tv

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:30 The Square-Enix First Production Department Premiere
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Final Fantasy Type 0 (Agito XIII)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Dissidia 012: Prologus

00:32:50 State of Square-Enix

00:38:05 Follow up 3DS News

00:48:12 2010's Games of the Year!
  • Late to the Party Award (Best Non-2010 Game)
  • Guilty Pleasure Award
  • Biggest Surprise Award
  • Worst Game of 2010
  • Top 3 Games of 2010
  • Most Anticipated of 2011
Music in this edition:
Koi wa dogfight - Megumi Nakajima
Sophitia's Theme - Soul Calibur OST
G-Blast Ver. - Tekken 6 OST


Haymar said...

Great episode guys! I personally can't wait for any new info on vs, especially since the footage shown was supposedly before a "significant graphical boost" and the trailer's tense drama was giving me a Shakespeare vibe. The Last Story is greatly anticipated by me as well as Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3 and the Last Guardian. 2011 is going to be an insane year for gaming. By the way, what is your opinion on the new tales game, Tales of Xilia?

Kyle said...

By the way folks, in an interview published a couple days ago, Nomura said, "since we're giving you both 13-2 and FF Type Zero this year, please forget about Versus 13 for a while." Which is what I will be doing, and I'd advise all of you to do as well.

James said...

Love your podcast, but I can't download the latest episode on iTunes. If I hit the feed directly, I get a "File not found" for The_Out-Cast_ep14.mp3


KG Jung said...

Gwyn's dream of perfection:

Aerith and Lightning in lingerie having a pillow fight and tickling each other . . . . both voiced by Sakamoto Maaya. Maaya voice acting with herself.

On another topic, you guys mentioned that JP idols will typically "make mistakes" like sing off key intentionally in order to appeal to fans. Does that apply to mainstream idols in their music videos as well? I was watching the PV for AKB48's "Beginner" video since I've never seen one of their videos or heard one of their songs. Quite frankly, I was really surprised how sloppy they danced. They were so out of sync at times that even I noticed. Any chance this was intentional?

riley said...

I love hearing the game of the year podcast. Man, the next mailbag section, whether it's in the 3rd Birthday special or on its own, has got to be massive!

Personally, I haven't played enough new games that came out this year to name a game of the year, although I'm a couple of hours in to ME2 on PS3 and I'm loving it (I dislike the combat but love the story).

Without the merest hint of a doubt, my most anticipated game of 2011 is Dragon Age 2; I've followed it just about as closely as you possibly can and I can't wait for it to come out.

Radical Dreamer said...

That was totally my bad. There was a typo in the file name. It should be working now.

KG Jung said...

Has anyone seen any mention of the PSP2 or NGP being able to output HD resolutions?

Chris said...

Thanks for another great podcast! Interesting GOTY lists. Out of curiosity, how are Western rpgs like ME received in Japan, especially since so many titles are PC-oriented?

And I'm with Gwyn--I like Lightning's armor. Ok, the obvious potential for chafing is a little silly, but so were the wide collar and short-shorts. As far as the feathers go, at least they don't live in her hair.

@Radical Dreamer
In your review of FFXIII, you pointed out that the game addresses contemporary fears of terrorism. I thought the "fantasy based in reality" trailer for Versus was referring as much to that sort of philosophical grounding as to the in-game environment. You don't think so?

Yes, EA's extremely cautious relationship to its Mirror's Edge franchise sucks. Such a cool game.

Roku said...

Hey just caught up on the podcast, it's been awhile but love the cast and always more fun when their are more of you guys. I was wondering if you guys play it, can you talk about your thoughts on Valkyria Chronicles 3 and The Last Story. Both have not been announced for US release and cause of previous sales of their predecessors(valk 2 and previous mistwalker titles), I am praying that they don't become Japan only titles. However if they do I will probably import them and learn Japanese, which will also solve my gundam vs gundam conundrum. But as always thank you for the awesome podcast! You put in the time to make em and we wanna hear what your guys have to say be it 30 minutes or 4 hours!

Ciberclaw said...

Are any of you guys gonna be at PAX East in Boston ?
Can we expect a low down of what's gonna be going on there ?

Gwyn said...

@Ciberclaw - Sorry mate, but we are in Japan, not the US ^^;

@Roku - Gundam vs Gundam conundrum? I am intigued, since its a multiplayer action game and therefore fairly straight forward. What seems to be giving you problems?

@KG Jung - its more an issue of whether the singer is an idol or a pop singer. For idols, its considered cute to make mistakes, no matter how popular/mainstream you are. For regular Jpop singers - mistakes are tolerated but are usual actual mistakes rather than a part of the act. There was a big news story recently about a Korean all-girl band who kept making a mistake in one of their dances (to the point that it had to be editted when shown on a tv commercial. The media made a fuss because they didnt really see them as idols since the band has a much stronger and sexually agressive image than Japanese idols usually have.

zain said...

Been a while since I've commented since I haven't had time to catch up on the show until recently. Hope you guys still remember me from some of your earlier shows. Glad to see the podcast is still going strong, and from the looks of it improving with every show.

I was wondering if you could recommend any good PS3 RPGs besides FFXIII? Have any of you played Resonance of Fate?

Jay McCarthy said...

I've just started listening to your podcast. It's very neat. On one episode one of you mentioned getting your dinner every night at a convenience store. This sounds really odd to me and I would guess that there is some subtle aspect of Japanese life behind this remark. Are Japanese apartments so small you don't even have a kitchen?

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