Monday, December 5, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 21 - Final Fantasy Type 0 and Uncharted 3

This Out-Cast was sceduled to have a very special 4th chair guest but instead of that, we found our selves down by 2! So what you get is an Out-Cast unlike any other. Me, Gwyn, and a complete lack of time limits. This cast clocks in at three-and-a-half hours, so I hope you all enjoy!

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:47 What's the Happs?

--Arkham City
--Jurassic Park the Game
--Vita Launch

--New job
--Modern Warfare 3
--iPhone + iPad2
--Infinity Blade
--Macross Frontier the Wings of Goodbye
--Animax Musix

0:56:59 Final Fantasy Type-0

2:06:41 Uncharted 3 (Spoiler Free)

2:41:39 Uncharted 3 (Spoilerific)

Music used in this episode:
Light My Fire - KOTOKO
Final Fantasy Type 0 - Main Theme
Uncharted 3 - Drake's Theme
Magia - Kalifina


morris said...

Did you like Earth Defence Force? You should try Zangeki no Reginleiv as another reason to get a motion plus vs ZeldaSS i actualy prefer the way Zangeki no reginleiv uses motion plus as i think camera and movment impact the 3d space of motion in Zelda too much while in Zangeki no REginleiv the motion plus sword/bow/spell uses the screen 3D space as the reference point (not the character model)..

Zangeki no reginleiv is must play with online 4 player a Storyline and very epic environments its frame rate might get abit shonky but its worth looking past this for the uniqueness

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable podcast, absense of Kyle was noticable :P

As for Xenoblade Chronicles, I thought the game was a success in PAL! It debuted 7th on the UK charts and stayed within the top 40 for a whole month. For an JRPG that's pretty impressive.

There even was a stock shortage on the day of the game's release and many shops were unable to meet all the pre-orders. People were paying up to $150 for copy on ebay. That's how great demand was, it exceeded Nintendo of Europe's expectations because they sold all the copies thet printed on launch day!!

With a third printing of the game in Europe and the announcement of the USA release, I say the game has been success.

As for the game being dubbed, yes Xenoblade was dubbed with British actors with a very a British translation. But you can choose to have the Japanese dub with English subtitles on the European version.

Fantastic game BTW, it's my game of the year and don't worry I brought the actual game on launch day in Australia, 1st September. I support game developers and it's a shame that Valkyria 3 won't get localised. I brought Valkyria 2 on launch day, I even pre-ordered it. Unfortunately all these "self-proclaimed" Valkyria fans boycotted the change to the PSP, gave the franchise a bad image and did not buy the sequel. Thus killing the series.

Radical Dreamer said...

@Robert The Gamer
Forgive me Robert, but I think you may be hearing what you want to hear. According to that link about the shortage "no other stores have claimed to be unable to fill the number of orders for the title." Looks to me like the online store just didn't order enough copies. Commenters also pointed this out. Also, a quick google search found nothing about a 3rd printing or even a second.

Xenoblade has to date sold 102k copies in Europe. Let's take a look at some other JRPGs and how well they've sold in Europe.

Final Fantasy XIII 2410k (aka 2.41 mil)
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 520k
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 440k
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 320k
Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) 310k
Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii) 290k
Blue Dragon 280k
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 220k
Lost Odyssey 210k
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions 210k
Demon's Souls 200k
The Last Remnant 170k
Star Ocean: The Last Hope 160k
Infinite Undiscovery 160k
White Knight Chronicles 130k
Resonance of Fate 130k
Dark Souls 120k
Neir 110k
Star Ocean: First Departure 110k
Valkyria Chronicles II 110k
& The 13 DS JRPGs that I was too lazy to list.

But sadly, when we get down to it, we just have to look at your last paragraph.

"Valkyria fans boycotted the change to the PSP, gave the franchise a bad image and did not buy the sequel. Thus killing the series."

Xenoblade has sold fewer copies than Valkyria II.

However, I am prepared to amend my statement. With the Last Story and Pandora's tower coming to Europe, I guess I can say "Xenoblade sold enough." Not well mind you—and not near as much as they hoped—but enough.

Though, as Kyle has said, I’m not sure what else Nintendo was gonna release during the year while we wait for the Wii U.

Anonymous said...

@Radical Dreamer

"I think you may be hearing what you want to hear."

Your probably right and I'm sorry if I come across as "rude" and "arrogant". But when you said 16,000 units for Europe on the podcast, I kind of overreacted because I thought the game sold better than that.

100,000 units is pretty good I say for a JRPG on the Wii, because according to yout list only Pokemon (but that's Pokemon, the name alone sells it, so it deosn't count) and Monster Hunter Tri did better. But it should be noted that Tri got a much bigger market push than Xenoblade has by Nintendo (Nintendo published Tri in PAL). I live Australia and I saw ads all over the place for Monster Hunter Tri. When I saw Prince of Persia they had a trailer for Tri, the only trailer I ever seen for a game in the cinema. Ads were on TVs for weeks, unlike Xenoblade I haven't seen any promotional material here in Australia. So Nintendo of Europe wouldn't need that great of a sales numbers, if they didn't pump that much in to marketing.

But Reggie did say in regards to Xenoblade's European launch. "We will be watching very closely what happens in Europe,". "Certainly if there are business opportunities and positive consumer uptake from some of those titles, that will be great data for us to consider as we look at what to do with these titles."

And given that it's now coming to the USA in April 2012 (it is official), we have "some" proof that it sold at least "well", especially compared to Monolith Soft's previous Wii game "Disaster Day of Crisis" which flopped so badly in Europe that it didn't even chart and therefore never got picked up in the USA. Which is kinda of ironic given that Disaster Day of Crisis takes place in America, has American actors doing the dialogue and the premise/setting of the game is identical to a Hollywood blockbuster (i.e. Day After Tomorrow).

It will be interesting to see how The Last Story and Pandora's Tower fair in PAL. I will buy both of them on day one, I hope they do a British dub with these two games like they did with Xenoblade. Love British acting.

But it's a shame that games of this quality don't get the sales they deserve, simply because they're Japanese. I mean the game Sniper: Ghost Warriror, which got negative review scores, had no marketing or hype and was made by a no-name developer. But somehow it sold over 1 million copies!!!

I've lost faith in gaming.

silversaucer said...

I don't think it's not being sold because it's Japanese. I think it's because it's made on the Wii which is the console of grandmas and soccer moms who are playing wii sports with their kids. where does a jrpg fit into that demographic? Only two of those titles were on the Wii, Monster hunter and pokemon and I guess we can put in Zelda as being sold well overseas. Xeno doesn't have that big a license, but if it was sold on the PS3 I guarentee it would have been a hotter title in PAL

Raven236 said...

Well done on a another quality episode guys.

About PSP piracy, sadly Here in Singapore its extremely high.

I have always bough original PSP games cause i believe the makers of the games have a right to earn their Salary.

FYI: the prices here are:

SGD: $60 and above for a US tittle.

SGD: $80 and above for a Japan Title.

Sadly most PSP gamers here go by thee saying "Why buy when i can get it for free?"

I only know of one other friend who buys original games as well.

So sometimes i feel like i am fighting a losing battle..

That aside What you guys said its true,
Its gotten to the point where Japanese developers are saying "Why bother they are just going to pirate it"

Luckly some compaines are still will to take a risk.

Fate Extra, And Corpse party have been released to the west :)

The Story in Corpse party is good and it truly is a wonderful Visual Novel game. (Much like 999)

Anyways seeing companies willing to take a risk and bring those games to an English speaking audience gives me hope...

As Usual looking forward to your next episode.

Take care guys.

Chris said...

Andriasang said Famitsu has an interview confirming development of an international release for Type-0:

Whether or not it's true, thanks for the fantastic overview of what it's like to play it. I completely agree that Tabata is a great asset at S-E. I'd like to see a PS3 title from him, but I'd even play (and buy) a 3rd Birthday sequel. I had fun with it in spite of its silly retooling of Aya's character. Also, it's just nice to see great talent on my favorite handheld. (Yes, yes, the DS is good, too.)

I will certainly look forward to everyone's thoughts on the PS Vita. Thanks for passing on Kyle's reaction to Ni No Kuni (PS3). Any thoughts on Team Ico's delays and difficulties?

riley said...

Great podcast guys. The Spike VGA's are going on right now and apparently Uncharted 3 won Best PS3 game. I dunno...I'm gonna play it around Christmas, but your criticisms of it make me wonder if people are being honest when they review games or just assuming it's good or giving it a free pass or something. What really concerns me is that I think the series has a lot of potential and I'd like to see more, but based off what you guys said, I'd agree that they probably had what you so affectionately refer to as Lucas Syndrome. Problem is, if everybody is patting them on the back and saying they did great when they really didn't, are they going to keep producing quality products or just produce crap because they can get away with it and people will buy it (like Kingdom Hearts or Star Wars in some people's opinions-I still like Star Wars but agree on Kingdom Hearts based off what I know).

I dunno, I guess only time will tell.

zain said...

@Gwyn You promised an anime-centered podcast in episode four! Where is it? :P

As always, great podcast!

pmurph said...

Looking forward to the vita launch podcast , or did i imagine you guys saying you would do that? if you ae , reckon it will be up for new years? like to have something to look forward to later.

Oh i almost forgot, i've been listening to the podcast since it was posted somewhere when i was scouring for peace walker news and you guys had just recorded ep05 . I might add it was the first podcast i listened to(apart from bombcast) and i've been hooked ever since.

so you do actually have a fair few listeners just nobody can be bothered making a google account to say hey :P

Keep up the great work guys.

riley said...

So I'm watching Summer Wars (dub) at this very moment, and I can't help but view this movie as a Japanese parable about how the internet is scary (and foreigners are scary). Would you say that this is accurate or does the movie simply reflect common Japanese cultural norms?

silversaucer said...

Hey guys, are you going to have a segment in one of the next shows talking about FFXIII-2 before it's released in NA? I mean the show started with a FFXIII podcast so it's only fitting i would think. :)

Radical Dreamer said...

Sadly, I'm the only one of us to play FFXIII-2. I'll have a video up before it launches and we'll talk about it on the cast, but probably not till after the western release.

Alexander Borg said...

I'm dying to hear your thoughts on the Vita...

Unknown said...

I'm excited about FFXIII-2. I'm suprised by the lack of information about the game, despite Square Enix releasing a new trailer ever other day.

Also, Have any of you guys seen the Yamato live action movie yet. A friend was telling me about it, but i don't care much for many new japanese movies.

Alexander Borg said...

Hey guys. I don't know if you know about SOPA and PIPA, the legislative acts that would absolutely destroy the free internet as we know it. These acts (under the guise of attempting to curb piracy) would have extremely negative effects on this podcast and countless other gaming sites.

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) supports these acts. Congress is under the impression that the ESA represents the whole of the gaming industry.

If SOPA or PIPA were to pass, there would be disastrous consequences to the pastime we love so much. One of the ESA's main sources of funds comes from their coordinating of E3.

I'm asking you to please not cover or attend E3 until the ESA changes their stance regarding SOPA. I truly believe that if the gaming community bands together, we can truly send a message to the ESA.

Thank you.

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