Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 20 - Tokyo Game Show 2011

Well, TGS 2011 has come and gone, but we're still here... well, most of us anyway. A scant few days after returning to Japan Gwyn is off again hopping across the world. He had this to say:

Hey there Out-Cast listeners! The podcast you are about to listen to was
edited on a plane. Unfortunately, as a result, we don’t have any music, but . . .

Feel free to take a moment to dwell upon just how awesome that
is. A plane. That’s possibly even more awesome than editing something on a boat.
And speaking of boats, there’s quite a bit of boat discussion to be had this
episode, along with some chat about a tiny little event that seems to have
almost slipped by us unnoticed . . . TGS 2011.

So here it is at long last. The Out-Cast’s TGS 2011 Special. Enjoy it
however you can. Preferably on a boat.

Or even A PLANE!

So kick back and listen . Oh and this time we have added ambiance as my local community celebrates a festival right outside my front door. So if you liked the sounds of the bar last time, get ready to rock out to some serious taiko drumming!

Download: Mediafire, iTunes

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:55 What's the Happs?
00:01:06 Kyle
00:19:40 Richard
00:38:55 Gwyn
00:58:33 Pre-TGS Pressers & HD Remakes
01:38:22 Tokyo Game Show 2011
03:04:32 Outtro


Raven236 said...

TGS Special thanks guys!!!!

Nice pic of the kasumi cos player

Anonymous said...

Great podcast, enjoyable as always.


First discussion for the anime podcast, "Mew Mew Power" vs. "Sailor Moon".


My copy of 3nd/Sound Impact from Play-Asia yesterday and I agree with everything you said. It's a huge letdown, there is no real sense of rhythm in it. It's like those FMV games on the Sega CD.


You implied that an English release of The Last Story isn't happening, but it is. Nintendo of UK "themselves" issued this press release on their site in August that both the Last Story and Pandora's Tower are hitting Europe next year.


And probably just like the European version of Xenoblade, both games will have the English voice track and the Japanese one.

Tom said...

Finally something to listen to while I sit on my ass and play Gears 3 on Insane. Good stuff, yo.

riley said...

Sweet! I always love a new podcast.

Chris said...

Look, look. We're 4.7 listeners, not 2.7! Nice podcast. Hope the tooth problem finally got fixed and the misery is over.

You know, I didn't mind a low-key, Japan-centric TGS. I don't think the home-market-only focus will last forever. It sounds like Japanese gaming culture is just in the long, drawn-out throes of developing its self-confidence as an adult pastime, and it's shaking up how imports and exports work.

silversaucer said...

The TGS specials are always awesome. Nothing better than listening to these podcasts while trying to beat Dark Souls. Thanks

feitclub said...

Buyer beware: I have spoken to people who own both US and JPN copies of Shadows of the Damned and they say the Japanese edition is HEAVILY edited.

Gwyn said...

@feitclub - really? My initial concerns may have been correct then. Is there any info online regarding this?

Alexander said...

This might have been addressed in the podcast but are there any plans to release Type-0 on the Vita (in English)? I just might cry if it doesn't.

zain said...

Here's hoping that Tales of Xillia is released stateside. From what Richard was saying, it sounds superb.

Alexander said...

I've heard that 3G Vita pre-orders are more popular than the Wi-Fi models. Do you guys know why this might be?

zain said...

Also, I completely forgot to mention Type-0! I wish I knew enough Japanese to play this game. Do you guys think you can do an in-depth look at it in the next podcast (similar to your first one about FFXIII)? Would be much appreciated.


Radical Dreamer said...

@Alexander So far, there are no plans to release Type-0 in the West; for PSP or Vita. This could change any day, but I doubt it. I think an HD release is much more likely but not for a year at least.

From standing in line, I saw about equal amounts of both Vita models being sold. But I suspect people are getting the 3G because they don't know the difference. They're just buying the top tier model cuz that's what Sony is promoting the hardest.

@Zain As for a Type-0 special, we'll definitely cover it but Kyle hasn't played it, Gwyn's only a few hours in, and I suspect I'll have been the only one to beat it. Still, I'll see what we can do.

silversaucer said...

so it's nearing the end of one of the greatest gaming holidays in my lifetime. so what are the haps?

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