Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 18 - E3 2011 Report

Life is busy for us here in Japan, but we already have two episodes in the can for the coming weeks. First up is this, our reactions to E3 2011. Enjoy!


00:00:00 Introduction

The Press Conferences
00:03:38 Microsoft
00:21:12 Sony
01:07:23 Nintendo
01:49:50 Other Developers
02:02:26 Winner of E3
03:32:18 Most Anticipated Top 3


Gwyn said...

Thanks for your patience everyone! For what its worth, theres already another episode in the pipeline coming soon!

A short word regarding the audio - with everyone so busy we were forced to do this on Skype and then experiences some microphone issues halfway through. I've gone through the entire cast second by second and adjusted the levels manually wherever possible. Hopefully this will make it more listenable!
But hey, the ranting alone should be entertainment enough! Im right, right?

Raven236 said...

Thanks for the effort guys, loved the podcast.

But if i may pose a question it be this::

About the PSV (Play Station Vita)

For me to have to buy two copies of the same game is expensive, if choice i rather go for the mobile/portable version as i hardly have time for consoles..

How may gamers in Japan would buy another copy of the same game, just so they can transfer data and continue where they left off and play on the go? (I mean that's like buying 2 copies of FFXIII)

Also regarding media storage do you guys think the future is Disk based media,Cartridges or DLC?

Oh and Kyle (Sry if i got the wrong person)

You should try the Hori Screen protectors for the 3DS they work great, easy to install.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast, enjoyable as always.

I did see the Mario dish your co-workers made for you Kyle on Twitter and I am so envious.

However I've going to have to disagree you with Kyle about the motion controls in the Wii Edition of Resident Evil 4 . They made the game so much more playable. Having the ability to use the cursor of the remote and see the cross hair on the screen allowed me to line up shots while moving and reloading.

As for the Metal Gear HD Collection. In Japan only it seems it will be sold as two seperate standalone packs. Peace Walker HD is one and MGS2+MGS3 together is the other. Whethers internationally they all come in the one pack. Also in Japan only the MGS2+MGS3 pack comes with a redeem code for MGS1 off PSN.

The Zone of The Enders HD Collection is not as a strange choice as Gywn makes it out to be. Because those games are word of mouth and there is a clear demand. Konami Europe reprinted ZOE2 in 2009 because of high demand and the PAL version usw to fetch more money than a new PS3 game on ebay at one point. So there is a lot of money to be made.

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are back to recording! Love the Out-Cast! Is anyone having trouble downloading this episode on iTunes? It detects it, but won't let me download it.

silversaucer said...
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KG Jung said...


Since you are a Gears of War fan, why is it you don't like Mass Effect? Boring story? Not enough blood?

riley said...

Nice podcast; it was worth the wait. Personally, I was excited about E3 because there were a number of games covered that I was interested in. Tomb Raider and Silent Hill: Downpour were big ones for me, but I think I was the most excited after seeing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is weird because I wasn't following it at all and I didn't like the other Elder Scrolls games (too open for me; I'm similar to Kyle in that regard). That aside, it looked so good I don't really care. Uncharted 3 was huge for me as well.

Kyle said...

@KG Jung

I have tried Mass Effect! I've played around with it for a little while, and it just didn't grab me. Thats about it. Yes, on paper it does have Gears-esque mechanics, but I found that actually playing it felt quite different. Its the intangibles I guess, Gears just felt to me a little more fast paced and "stickier". When talking about Gears, the phrase "pop and shoot" is thrown around alot, and that is a big part of the appeal for me, but I felt that when I actually played Mass Effect, it was missing some of that viseral "pop and shoot".

And when it comes to the story/characters, this is a personal preference...but I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of western RPGs and the worlds they present. I'm not really all that into Sci-Fi (Star Wars is fine though), and I'm certainly not into western fantasy settings. I tend to favor the more romantic world view of JRPGs. And while gameplay is most certainly the most important element for me in games, its kind of hard to get really into/complete a huge RPG if you're not already kind of interested in the world to begin with.

And I certainly hope I don't come across as the kind of gamer who is turned off by games when they "don't have enough blood"!

KG Jung said...


Well if you're not really into sci-fi and don't particularly enjoy Western RPGs then Mass Effect will definitely not be for you. I personally have not played Gears of War since I don't have a 360. I heard in another podcast in which someone explained why he didn't like Mass Effect and I think it follows your reason as well. He explained that the weapons in GoW have a certain grittiness and heavy feel to him that is completely lacking in Mass Effect. There was just a lack of "oomph".

Personally, I can't wait for Mass Effect 3. I prefer sci-fi based RPGs rather than the sword and sorcery stuff. Add a good story and plenty of things to kill and I'm happy. I even pre-ordered the collector's edition since this will be the end of a great series, although we can already hear EA want to milk the series even after Shepherd's story is done.

Didn't you mention that one of things that made you not interested in Mass Effect was the lack of chainsaw bayonet? Shepherd is getting an omni-tool blade that acts like a forearm-mounted bayonet that will one shot kill enemies.

Chris said...

Thanks for a fun podcast, gents! S-E's embarrassed reaction to its Eidos branch outdoing the Japan showing was fantastic. I like FFXIII and have XIII-2 pre-ordered, but I'm not above a little sniggering. No one mentioned Hitman. No fans over there?

I preferred Sony's press conference too, but I think Dragon Age: Origins beat the Fable franchise to the JRPG when it came out with FFXII-style tactics/gambits menus and a cast of characters that included the tough girl, the perky girl, the stoic warrior, the flamboyant rogue, the strong-but-dumb fighter, and the wise older mage.

Game endings on Youtube are awesome. My copy of Silent Hill 3 got scratched and would jam just after the final boss but before any ending could run properly. Nevertheless....

Look forward to the next podcast.

migrations said...

Holy shit Gwyn your impressions of the american talking about the light saber was spot on. I would love to hear you talk in an american dialect again because that little phrase you said was impressive. I've studied dialects and accents at universities quite a bit and so I love hearing you guys mix and match different languages and English accents. Good podcast as usual gents.
Please Kyle, let us hear your australian accent. And then I wonder, how come you guys never do a Japanese speaking exhibition? I'm sure your fans would love to hear you converse in Japanese if not just for a minute.
Keep up the great gaming podcast guys.
PEACE from Colorado Springs.

Tom said...

Whoops, I forgot to comment on this when I last listened. Great cast, and god bless you Gwyn. You work too much on these damn podcasts.

fran.agresti said...

Hey guys, loving the shows! I know you used Skype this time, but what is your usuall set up? Whatequipment and software do you use to make these podcasts?

Really appreciate the effort so keep em coming!

Gwyn said...


@migrations - as much as I'd like to take some sort of credit, it was probably a complete fluke and/or the alcohol speaking lol. As for japanese, to be honest it would probably just feel...weird. Not to mention that, after using Japanese all day, the podcast is a nice relaxing island of English for me personally.

@Tom - many thanks for the kind words. We cant do these weekly or biweekly like other sides that get paid to do so but we do what we can when we can :-)

@fran.agresti - Usually I use a freeware program called Audacity, although i sometimes use Garageband as well. I'm hoping to use Garageband more once I get a new mac later this year.

@EVERYONE - I saw a trailer for the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie at the cinemas the other day. And guess who is in it?
Thats right! MAYAmayaMAYAmayaMAYAmayaMAYAmaya!

KG Jung said...


"MAYAmayaMAYAmayaMAYAmayaMAYAmaya!" - The sound of Maya filing her restraining order.


Looks like Richard IS getting the blu-ray for the second Macross F movie. Who is Richard to deny Kawamori his tribute?

fran.agresti said...

Thanks for the reply Gwyn! Could you tell me what mike you use as well? I'm thinking of testing out a podcast for myself :)

silversaucer said...

Is Kyle sad Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled?

feitclub said...

-silversaucer, you have no idea.

Say guys? It's been three weeks. Can I assume the podcast is never coming to iTunes?

KG Jung said...

Kyle cries in despair. Gwyn points and laughs.

riley said...

Hey guys. When's the new episode going to go up? Just wondering, since the last episode was released almost exactly a month ago and there was supposed to be one already finished.

silversaucer said...

I was wondering when the next one would be uploaded too since you guys recorded it like 2 and a half months ago or something like that.

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