Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 12 - "What's the Happs?" Special

As the year winds down we at the Out-Cast are back with a “What’s the Happs?” special. In this episode we take a brief look at the games we played and events that we’ve attended since TGS in late September. We even have a few stories of adventure in here so download and enjoy!

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“What’s the Happs?” Special
00:03:09 Kyle
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Parasite Eve 1 and 2
  • Sola to Robo
  • Golden Sun DS
  • Radiant Historia
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Thanksgiving Traditions
00:34:56 Gwyn
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Halo Reach
  • Soul Calibur
  • Broken Destiny
  • Tekken 6
  • Gundam Concert
  • New X-Box 360
  • Macross Trial Frontier
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  • Distant Worlds Concert
01:35:28 Richard
  • Buying a new 360
  • Gundam vs Gundam
  • Pokemon White/Black
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
  • Halo Reach/ODST
  • Rez
  • Malicious
  • Enslaved
Music in this edition:
サイレントでなんかいられない - May'n & Megumi Nakajima (Cosmic Cuune)
Samurai Soul - JAM Project
Panty & Stocking OP
彼のシフトはブンブンブン - James Shimoji (Redline OST)

Show notes:
Tekken 6 OST was actually composed by a large group of well known Namco artists, not largely by one person.
FF13 OST was composed by Masashi Hamauzu


Peter said...

Please don't feel depressed. Here's a comment.

But seriously, I always enjoy your podcast. I like the perspective you guys have since you actually live in Japan and hearing about all the crazy stuff that's going on in Japan is always fun.

I'll definitely be checking out this Malicious too. I had heard a bit about it but didn't really have any idea what it was.

Jack said...

Great show guys. I really enjoyed the bit about Radiant Historia. Makes me love Atlus even more than I already do. Looking forward to your 3rd Birthday impressions.

riley said...

It's great to finally hear from you guys again! It's certainly been awhile. This was a fun episode; I particularly enjoy Richard's "you are hte villain" theory from Pokemon, because as much as I liked Pokemon when I was a kid, it always seemed a little strange that you would force these creatures to fight each other. Looking forward to future episodes.

Oh, and the comment about few comments made me laugh. Usually, my comments come with questions, and I usually try to restrain myself since I've already sent several questions your way lol.

riley said...

One more thing I forgot to mention: since you guys liked LC: Guardian of Light, have you been following the news about the new Tomb Raider reboot? I've been a Tomb Raider fan for ages and I'm VERY happy about some of the changes they're making to the series. I just bought the issue of Game Informer that covers the game, and I think they're making some interesting decisions. The real trick will be if they can pull them off.

I think Kyle will be able to relate to why I'm happy about some of the changes. They speak extensively about re-creating her look. Here's some quotes from Brian Horton (CD senior art director):

"We knew we wanted to bring her into a more believable proportionality and surface quality, so that was another big push for us...Wen wanted to bring her into the real world and ground her as much as we could...She is on this expedition and has practical clothing-cargo pants and layered tank tops and boots-because she is in and among a group that share the same values...The end result was a look that is both contemporary and timeless...As far as sex appeal, we're always looking to make a character that people want to play and part of that is a level of attractiveness and being drawn to Lara...But we don't want to play up sexuality for sexuality's sake. Context and motivation are paramount in this project. I think what's going to be compelling and what our version of sexy is, is the toughness through adverse conditions, with a beauty and vulnerability showing through. That is sexy in its own way."

This reminds me of the talk about the marketing of Aya in Parasite Eve. I love that they're moving Lara away from the whole sex object thing and making her more of a person.

Here's a bit on the TR Hub from GameInformer incase you want some more info on this.

Here's a screenshot of the new Lara:

KG Jung said...

It is kind of interesting to see some of the comments about the 3rd Birthday on US sites. There is a lot of whining by NA players about why it’s on PSP and not on PS3 and how Square is rather retarded for putting it on the portable. After listening to the various Outcast podcasts, it’s pretty easy to understand why this is. The podcasts definitely help in understanding how the JP market is different from the Western market and how this leads to the decisions that JP game companies make.

On Macross fandom, expecting fans to buy media from JP when they can’t speak the language is at best wishful thinking. The reality is most people are not going to learn JP so they can have the joy of spending $100-$120 per blu-ray if it’s not going to include any subtitles. I’ve also noticed that even if you’re willing to follow the Path of Gwyn and learn Japanese with anime on your TV and a fat Japanese dictionary on your lap, you may still not be able to buy the blu-ray. For example when I was considering buying the Macross Frontier movie blu-ray from I was told by the website that it wasn’t allowed. Apparently, Amazon was forbidden from selling it outside of Japan so we US fans were technically not allowed to purchase it (undoubtedly because of the 20+ year lawsuit between Big West and Harmony Gold). Of course there is a way around that by going through other 3rd party sellers located outside of Japan. What really needs to happen is for this bloody lawsuit to finally end so that Macross shows can be sold again in the US without fear of lawsuits.

Hearing Gwyn sob because of a lack of comments is both entertaining and funny. Of course since he’s Australian someone of course has to say, “MAN THE HELL UP!” If not then feel free to put on a dress and dance for us. If you’re entertaining enough and amuse us, we’ll leave more comments on the page . . . . . the four or five of us still left. Just kidding, but Gwyn sobbing is kind of funny.

Tom said...

Aw yeah, new cast. I want Malicious now, Richard. What's the yen equivalent of $20 so I can buy a PSN points card and would I need a new Japanese PSN account? Also, I think I can explain the lack of comments:

1. For a bit of time there was an irregularity in episode posts. Normally you can just wait three weeks and check in to see if there's a new episode, and then comment. But there was really no way of knowing when a new one would be up, so people might've not noticed. Great job on the last cast though guys, really. It's not you, it's Gwyn's secret company.

2. Initially commenting sucks. You have to link your google account to the page, if you even had one (I had to make one just for commenting), so it can be a pain. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys have a lot more listeners than the comments suggest, because for months I was listener who wasn't commenting.

That's all. Have a great Christmas guys!

Anonymous said...

Great podcast, enjoyable as always. Looking forward to your 3rd Birthday podcast and Richard's video review. Don't worry Gywn, here's another comment for you to enjoy and even a question. I'm interested in watching a Macross anime after hearing you talk about it all the time. But the only Macross on DVD that is widely availabe in region 4 is Macross Plus (1994). Would you consider this to be a strong place to start?

Han said...

Hello gentlemen! It is I, Mr. Han! lol. I am still a huge fan (#1 in fact) of the show. I have to chime in after hearing that Gywn feels there isn't enough comments, Gywn I gotta say you are so zenlike I really like the style man.. I dig. Honestly I don't comment enough since last time I sorta rambled on and sounded so much like an artard I got a little embarrassed afterwards. I am such a big fan oh my god, did I say that already? I anxiously await and listen to every podcast. I just don't know how to act fellas cause when writing to you guys I get too exited. haha At any rate, I feel the quality of the show is top notch still, the skype sound quality sucks though, I understand you guys have to do that "sometimes" since your busy but you gotta admit, once compressed those sound like butt. Man I'm gonna try to keep it short so it's all gonna fit into 1 post. I am so stoked for the 3DS. I can't wait for that special. Unable to wait I went out and bought myself a DS XL (never had one before cause the screen was too small) and the best 15 games or so and I am enjoying the heck out of it. Honestly you guys talk about so many things that I don't know what to comment on this moment, just keep up the good work. I have to say the more I listen to the show the more I realize my taste as a gamer is so much like Kyle's. Hearing him talk about my favorite games such as Einhander and Crono Trigger really brings me back. Not just that Kyle, I back up your opinions man, the man speaks my feelings on games and got good taste (thumbs up). However he doesn't play Gears 2 online? Wha wha WHAT!?. What else, what else, oh so I have 2 ideas for discussion. 1) For us non anime manga fan maybe you guys can each discuss a definite list of recommendations for the best of the best stuff for a beginner for me to watch. I'd like that so I can be hip when I listen to you guys talk of evangillian or gundam strike force mother this and that ! lol. I could google it, your right, but I want to hear it from yous. 2ndly) If you ever have a slow period of podcast news, how about a podcast dedicated to retro games, SNES and newer if you asked me, I've recently discovered Ebay (I know I'm a little late) and have rekindled with some loves I've sold long ago, man I bought Einhander and Killer Instinct Gold and SOTN and Secret of Mana, Mystical Ninjas, UN Squadron, and on and on. OK well I think I've said enough.. whoo.. gotta go cool down. My hearts pounding having just contacted the OUTCAST! Oh... YEAH.

migrations said...

I would also like to hear anime/manga recommendations.

Recently I went to a friends house who is a major japanophile and I told him I was showing my 13 year old brother Evangelion. He acted disgusted of me and was shocked that I would even attempt to show this series and it's 'horrible ending' to my younger brother. Note that I've never seen the anime my self. He derisively told me to show him Garrun Lagun instead, and that it was 'leveling up battle anime done correctly'.
I've come to realize that even my hardcore japanophile friends have horrible horrible taste in anime and manga. And on top of this I'm hopelessly stuck trying to catch up with Naruto and One Piece manga just to have something to talk about with these 18-30 year old peers of mine!
Where did we go wrong?!!? Especially after reading Gwyn's twitter I'm almost embarrassed to be reading these simple minded battle mangas.
I'm just the type that likes to be a snob about the art that I enjoy and I don't know where or what i can be snobbish about! HELP!

migrations from Colorado

the gay joke was pretty funny. No homo.

Unknown said...

I'll have to disagree with Gwyn on Enslaved not being mentioned as having inspiration from Journey to the West saga. Both GT (GameTrailers) and IGN, as well as our (Australia) own game review show on the ABC GG (Good Game) have mentioned it (no surprise though).

It even has the subtitle "Odyssey to the West" in it, so it's hard not to miss it, especially with the main character being named Monkey.

Other than that, great podcast guys. Will be greatly anticipating your next scheduled podcast, especially with a look of 3rd Birthday.

Question: Will the next podcast be a Parasite Eve centred, like MGS and FF XIII? Or will it be more centred on GOTY?

Raven236 said...

Hey dont feel depressed,

I look to you guys to see whats new in Japan.

Also i be getting a 3ds on launch day. (when it arrives in sg)

KG Jung said...

See? Now you've got 11 comments. Gwyn's tears equals more comments. It's not only just a girl repellant.

Gwyn said...

Hey there guys! Well, it seems like a grown man crying is enough to move you all to provide more feedback. Hmmm... maybe I should try this at work as well....
The crew here has just finished recording the latest cast and we will hopefully get something up during the week - provided I'm sober enough to finish the editing. Here in Japan we have 'Years End' parties throughout January, and then 'New Years' parties throughout most of January. So the late nights are coming thick and fast over here! I ended up drinking Friday night away at a maid cafe.... but thats a story for another time.
For now - some replies!

@KG Jung: Ah, I should have known the movie/demo game pack would be blocked by Amazon. And when it was on sale too, sigh. For the record, this wasnt caused by the Big West/Harmony Gold legal battle at all. It happened because the pack was classified by a game by Amazon as opposed to a bluray - and Amazon refuses to ship certain games outside of their native regions. Places like PlayAsia offer shipping alternatives but unfortunately seldom offer the sort of mark-downs that Amazon does.

As for the learning Japanese comment - the purchasing is extra. Learning a second language alone is reward enough, and when you have the motivation that the link to a hobby (games, anime, etc) brings it makes the learning process as much play as study. And thats a great advantage.
I'm far from the only person who has noticed the lack of willingness of newer fans to consume or buy raws - its something Ive discussed with Otaku USA Editor Patrick Macias (name drop!) and was also mentioned in passing during a recent podcast he did with legendary fan Matt Alt.
From memory, this was the podcast:

And as for buying stuff at Japanese prices - I usually only recommend things that are 2nd hand or (heavily) reduced. And in the case of Macross, importing raws is something that the Macross community has been doing for decades and is something many fans of the franchise take for granted. I'm fairly active over at MacrossWorld for example, which wont even let people post scans or scanlations of manga or books that are still in print. I dont expect everyone to have similar attitudes - Im just pointing it out as an example of where Im coming from.

Gwyn said...

@Tom: Yes there is a fair bit of irregularity with the podcasts schedule and I am probably to blame for this. I was initially hoping to do a cast every 3 weeks however its become more like once a month. We are looking at maybe splitting casts up into sections so we can provide smaller, more regular pieces of content, or possibly doing a few more skype casts when it looks like the crew simply cant get together for an extended period. Either way, I think I speak for everyone when I say please keep listening because we intend to keep on ranting about life here in Japan!

@Robert the Gamer: Actually, both the original Macross tv series and Macross Plus are available in Australia (Region 4). I know because I own both! The Macross Ultimate Collection is a really great way to get the original series cheap. It also features a great remastering job (done by Animeigo back around the turn of the century at considerable cost). Having said that, Macross Plus is what I would recommend since it is pretty much a stand alone title, is short, action packed, and features a terrific Yoko Kanno soundtrack. If you do watch it be sure to let us know your impressions!

Gwyn said...

@hanMAN!: Thanks for the suggestions! An anime-themed cast is definately something I want to do sometime in 2011. If possible though, I'd like to get some other anime-savvy guests for it, since one mans One Piece is anothers Angel Cop. Either way, keep an eye on the site for updates!

@migrations: Wow, that sounds like a difficult situation. I mean, Eva is one of the classics of anime, but it sounds like your friends are all hooked on Shonen Jump stuff (Naruto, One Piece, etc). Which is fine, if thats their thing. You might like to try reminding them that these shows are made for/aimed at elementary and middle school kids though. I find it hilarious when western Japanophiles try to read deeper meanings into them when there really are none.
Having said that, Eva might be a bit of a struggle for a 13y/o. Gurren Lagern isnt a bad show to try introducing him to. Also, if big robots are what you think he will like, perhaps you could try Gundam Seed. Any other genres you were wanting to try?

@liang: Thanks for the heads up. But I was referring more to the actual Saiyuki/Monkey tv series in particular (or at least I meant to). Also, despite the subtitle, Ive heard many MANY podcast discussions that dont realise the game has (admittedly very) lose ties to Journey to the West OR the Monkey iteration, Dragonball, etc.

BTW guys, in my first post, substitute December for one of those January's. Well then, Im off to play some Halo Reach while listening to that Tekken 6 OST!

Unknown said...

@ Sorry Gywn my bad.

And I'm a bit dissapointed that Kyle isn't replying to replies since he does check the Out-Cast blog "every single day" right? And don't worry I'm just being a little tongue-in-cheek here. Must be hard having a 14 hour day desk job.

Tom said...

Yo Gwyn, don't worry about the Cast being a bit irregular. You guys got jobs, plus it was the holidays. Enjoy the New Year parties! :)

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