Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 04 - Being a Gamer in Japan

Welcome to our fourth regular episode of the outcast. This one runs for a bit over three hours and we look in-depth at being a gamer in Japan and the PSP's 5th Birthday.

Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.

Download: Mediafire
Streaming: Blip.tv

00:00 Introduction

What you been doing?
03:13 Gywn

  • Tokyo International Anime Fair
  • Maaya Sakamoto Concert
  • Monkeys/Nagano Trip
  • Golden Week Movies
22:41 Kyle
  • Bargains in Japan/360
  • Halo in Japan/Halo Legends
  • Lost Odyssey
37:37 Richard
  • Nier
  • Quantum Theory
  • Psychonauts
  • RE5: Lost in Nightmare/Desperate Escape
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  • Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (The Japanese Japanese People Don't Know)
1:07:43 News
  • Big Gundam is back!
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker J-Pop Music Video
  • God of War 3 without English
  • 3DS

1:29:26 Happy 5th Bithday PSP!
  • Our personal PSP stories and favorite PSP titles
  • DS vs PSP
  • The Future of the PSP
1:56:57 Being an "International Gamer" in Japan
(Region Locking, Language Tracks, and Censorship)
  • Playstation 3
  • PSP
  • 360
  • DS
  • Wii
2:36:37 Let's E-Mailing!
  • How is Silent Hill viewed in Japan?
  • Who is your most loved/hated Final Fantasy XIII character?
  • Does Square care more about FFXI's Japanese player-base?
  • Do Japanese gamers really have multiple DS systems?
  • Where should I study in Japan?
  • Why has there been a recent spike in Japanese PS3 sales?
  • How can I help out the Out-Cast?
  • What is the Out-Cast's release schedule?
  • What would Mario's voice sound like?

Song List
Everywhere - Maaya Sakamoto
Koi no yokushiryoku - Nana Mizuki
Under the apple tree - FF7 Crisis Core
Movin' in Circles - Ridge Racer 4
Silent Hill theme - Akira Yamaoka
Kiseki no Umi - Maaya Sakamoto


SolidBoss said...

First! ^_^
its that time of the month finaly, downloading :)

riley said...

Great podcast guys! Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

I've got two questions for you. First off, we've heard you talk a lot about how games are priced, but how much does it cost to live in Japan overall (besides video games: bills, groceries, clothes, rent, etc....).

The second question is for Richard: Who's Webbie? :) I don't think we've ever been formally introduced.

feitclub said...

My biggest qualm with the Torne (and why I ultimately passed) is that it does not record BS or cable TV, only standard broadcast channels. Half of the shows we care about are therefore ineligible!

riley said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Out-Cast team! Your podcast continues to surpass my expectations in almost every way. The chemistry between you guys is great, and it's very enjoyable just to listen to you guys talking together.
I want to thank you for answering my question about colleges in Japan— your answer helped me out quite a bit. Right now I am trying to register for some Japanese language classes which are held near to my apartment in order to gain an advantage when the time comes to apply. I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes!

litening_lad said...

hey guys...thanks for answering my "question" again..lol

next question is....if u were stuck in a deserted island...[like Destiny island in kingdom hearts but less pixelated and real] which console would u bring and u only have a choice of one game to play on that console what would it be??dun dun dun...peace ^__^

and yes...if ur wondering...the console u choose will be solar powered...and the tv too...peace ^__^

Unknown said...

Hey guys, thanks for doing this podcast, it's really interesting and provides a lot of insight into the nihonjin lifestyle.

As for a question, even though it's more like a request, have you all considered putting the podcast up on iTunes? It would make it a whole lot easier to follow the podcast for me and also make it easier to put onto my iPod if you did, since the podcasts run 3 hours+ and I don't usually have the time to listen to it at home in full.

Paddeh said...

You talked about J-pop in this episode, but what other types of music do you like. I am a fan of BALZAC, but apart from that Japanese music seems very cheesy, do you guys listen to Japanese music or do you listen to Western music? Also how much is music a part of Japanese culture, is it more or less so than the West and is Western music popular in Japan?

SolidBoss said...

been very busy so i only listen to this podcast today and again it was awesome! Since Richard ask us to give you guys some japan only games to talk about i think you guys should debate or give your opinions about this game: Fatal Frame 4. I think everyone already knows that this game should have come out everywere but since nintendo didnt want it many fans of the FF who only buyed a wii for this( i was seriously thinking this too) got very dissapointed, and i think many fans out there are still mad about this. So what do you guys think about all this? Smart or stupid choice about nintendo? The good thing is that after 2 years some fans released recently a english patch of the game and its legal since you have to have the orignal game to play this. I am in fact playing this game right now, thats why I was talking about it :), let me tell that i always been a huge fan of FF and FF4 is very good! maybe you could do a review of it Radical Dreamer :P. Well thats all for now, sorry about the huge text :S

Anonymous said...

Okay guys, I hope you haven't recorded your next podcast yet, because I have a question for you all. I've been watching anime for a few years now, but I've never seen Macross (which you guys seem to refer to quite a bit). I read up a little onto the show, but I think it would be more interesting to hear you guys talk about what the show is about. Thanks.

Gwyn said...

Hey there everyone!
Thanks as always for the comments. I realise theres been a lack of updates recently - Ive actually been away for 3 weeks on work and as for Richard - well let's just say he's a man on the move!
We are looking to record the next episode next week. Why so long? Well, we are hoping to make it a Metal Gear Solid special and, as such, needed to wait for Peace Walker to come out (tomorrow) as well as some time to actually play it. In the meantime, Im revisiting MGS3 to warm up :-)
As always we will answer as many of your questions on the show as possible, so keep em coming!

SolidBoss said...

Hi Gwyn im glad to hear about the MGS special next podcast. I would like to know what is MGS for you guys and your experience with all games? also what are your favorite MGS? To me my fav would be MGS2 but all of them are so amazing that is hard to really choose only one!

riley said...

Great! Thanks for the update Gwyn; I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Gwyn said...

Another update guys! Now that Im back in Japan and have finished Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker, we will be recording the next podcast this weekend!
Also, theres been some progress with I-tunes, thanks to some serious effort by Richard - keep watching this space for details soon!

Unknown said...

Since my question has already been answered, I want to ask another before the podcast. Richard, you said in the last podcast that you had an iPhone. Do you play games on it regularly? It's become a really popular thing here in the west and there are a lot of great games on the iPhone. For instance, have you tried Chaos Rings, the new RPG that Square Enix released on the App Store for the iPhone?

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