Friday, February 18, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 15 - The 3rd Birthday Special

Hey everyone, this is the Out-Cast Episode 15 where we talk only about "The 3rd Birthday." Like past specials, we will keep the spoilers contained to what you find out at the first hour of play as we talk about the story and gameplay. However, unlike past specials, we have a large section after the credits where we dive into spoiler city and discuss the ending and everything else. But don't worry you'll be warned many times before it starts.

Download: Mediafire, iTunes

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:34 Our History with the Parasite Eve series
00:13:14 Why a new Parasite Eve game?

00:16:07 The 3rd Birthday
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Voice Acting/Music
  • Overall Quality
01:16:08 Spoiler Section
The Ending
The Characters
Music in this edition:
Happy Birthday - The Beatles
Theme from The 3rd Birthday


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another great podcast, enjoyed the introduction a lot ^_^. BTW Gywm Parasite Eve 2 was sold in PAL (I own a copy of it).

Looking forward to playing the 3rd Birthday, I've got the Twisted Edition pre-ordered (since most shops in Australia don't seem to stock new PSP games anymore). Oh if any New Zealand listeners are looking forward to the 3rd Birthday, you're out of luck since the release there has been cancelled.

Chris said...

Great podcast, guys. Thanks for the frank comments and also for being willing to share "spoilers"--with fair warning, of course. It sounds like a gamer like me would be better off sticking with Crisis Core and holding off on 3rd Birthday, at least for a bit. I'll pick up FFIV for the PSP, but man I wish they'd give us V and VI instead.

Was that bourbon Maker's Mark? Good choice of whisky.

riley said...

Good episode, with a very...interesting...introduction. Is it wrong that I love it when you guys start bashing a game?

KG Jung said...

Wow, it's too bad 3rd Birthday was so underwhelming. I never played PE. I always wanted to get it since it did seem to be pretty interesting, but I just never got around to do doing it back in the old PS1 days. If it ever shows on US PSN I'll be sure to get it. But considering 3rd Birthday was originally a cell phone game of all things, I don't think I'm too surprised by the negative review.

BTW did Kyle ever get to see the EVA at that amusement park?

Sort of a side note to your answer to my last question about AKB48 and intentional screw ups: Apparently AKB48 did a number for some Korean awards show last year. I'm not sure why since I don't think it had to do with music. Anyway, the general impression by the Korean audience apparently was: 1) Wow, there are so many of them 2) Why are they dancing so badly? They look like they are dancing for some high school festival. I thought the first impression was pretty funny since only like 11 of AKB48 were there to do their number. It wasn't even a full team, much less the full 48+ platoon.

Raven236 said...

Thanks for the review guys,
I'll be getting the English version of this game.

As it will be my first time in the series.

What i dont get is whats with the Clothing damage to the extent of bra and panties....LOL

Its nice that they give you the option to
repair them LOL

I mean is this the in thing in Japan or what....*SHEESH*

migrations said...

Gwyn. Chosing SSF4 for your game of the year was fucking godlike of you. such great thought put into it. Peace my nigs. You are be the shit.

Chris said...

The NGP/PSP2 has me more excited, but Nintendo is still pretty cool: how is the 3DS launch going? Did Kyle get his consoles Day 1?

Raven236 said...

Tough choice between NGP and3DS

but i'll go whichever handheld Valkyria Chronicles goes to.

wait and see approach for me... LOL

riley said...

Just out of curiosity, are you guys still planning on having a mailbag segment in your podcasts? Maybe you just haven't been getting questions, but I think there are some from a ways back that never got answered. Just thought I'd ask.

Tom said...

Great cast guys, great cast. Love Kyle's Chewwie. Also, how's the 3DS, Kyle? Any of the launch titles any good?

Kyle said...

@Chris + @Tom

Yes yes name wouldn't be Kyle if I didn't have my systems on day one.

Japanese launch titles aren't too exciting though...I'm infinitely jealous that the west gets to enjoy both Pilotwings and Steel Diver on day one...whereas in Japan, Steel Diver doesn't hit for about three more weeks, and Pilotwing's release date is still TBA, and all we know is a vague release window of "Spring". Someone play Pilotwings for me on day one please.

The hardware itself it very nice, and the pre-installed software is great. While I can't imagine it working in the states, the "Cross Pass Tag Mode" is going to be absolutely incredible during morning commutes in Tokyo. On trains, I'll admit it I L-O-V-E to peek over people's shoulders and see what they are playing! Now I don't have to...all that gaming info (plus other info) is beamed wirelessly to my 3DS even if its in sleep mode. And while I'm not much of a social/online gamer, I do like the mini Xbox Live-like service. Once you've typed in someone's friend code (only once...don't worry), you can friend people, and see their games/what they've been playing/when and if they're online.

One thing that is pretty annoying though that I wasn't expecting is the slot for the stylus. While the DS Lite/DSi/DSiXLhad the stylus slot on the right side of the unit, on the 3DS, its on the rear of the system a la the original DS, right next to the cartridge slot. Kinda difficult to reach.

And right after I picked up my 3DS, I managed to get my hands on the Mario anniversary handkerchiefs that aren't for sale. Guarantee you I'm the only gamer walking around Tokyo in a Gucci suit with a Super Mario Bros handkerchief in his back pocket :)

Chris said...


Well, congrats! Sorry about the launch titles, but at least you have the hardware for when the better titles appear. Let us know more about how it plays when you get the chance. (I'm with riley: a Mailbag/Happs special sometime soon would be cool.)

The Mario handkerchief is a perfect accessory for Gucci. Self-aware humor FTW!

Kyle said...


Thats pretty much my thinking right now. There are games in the immediate future that I'm going to I might as well get one while I have the chance. If not, goodness knows when I'm going to be able to find another one. So when Steel Diver/Pilotwings/Zelda/etc finally hit, I'd like to have the system, rather then have to spend a Friday night camping out at my local department store to see if I can get one or not. I don't know if you've listened to some of our previous episodes, but in one, we discussed the madness surrounding the DS Lite...and how it was next to impossible to find for nearly a year. I'd like to avoid that situation if possible.

I'd say say that the Mario handkerchief is less self aware humor, and more an expression of myself. Japanese business wear is extremely conservative, so its nice to subtly add some flavor/character to an outfit. And while something like novelty ties are absolutely out of the question (for me at least), its nice to personalize an outfit. Japanese fashion has the concept of a "charm point"..something that is often really subtle, but adds a personal touch to something....thats essentially what a Mario handkerchief or my Triforce cufflinks are. I love games more then the next guy, but I'm most certainly not a fan of traditional gaming accessories (ie: t-shirts, hoodies, etc). I like things that are a little more subtle.

Chris said...


Eh, you're right. Humor is probably the wrong word for that kind of personalization. I didn't mean "irony," which is what it sort of implies, but rather something along the lines of "sense of fun or adventure." Novelty ties can often ruin the overall style of a good suit, but a cool handkerchief (or Triforce cufflinks, good idea) can add just the right touch. You can be serious about good style without being generic on the one hand or tacky on the other. I suppose wedding rings and heirloom watches personalize things as well, but that's a completely different sort of personalization. In any case, glad you got the 3DS ahead of any sell-outs.

riley said...

Hey, Kyle! Your favorite actor won an Oscar! We all know he's your Maya Sakamoto/Jennifer Hale. I love how you all have one celebrity you freak out about (in one way or another).

Kyle said...


Whoa there, hey now. I don't know if I would call Colin Firth "my favorite actor". I don't think I even have a number one bestest "favorite actor". He just happened to star in two movies back to back that I really enjoyed..."A Single Man" and then "The King's Speech." Thats pretty much it. My initial interest in "A Single Man" had nothing to do with him (although I'll admit he made that movie), and I probably would have seen "King's Speech" regardless of whether or not he was the protagonist. I mean, I've really only seen a handful of his movies...I remember seeing Bridget Jones out of "girlfriend obligations"...and the same thing happened with "Love Actually" (which was a surprisingly entertaining chick flick). So really, of my own volition I've only seen like two of his movies. And I'm almost positive that I've never mentioned any of this on the air...are you following me on Twitter or something?

Yeah, I have a handful of celebrities that I like/follow...but none of which I would say I "freak out about".

riley said...

I was trying to make a joke. I was speaking of Christian Bale. Unlike Gwyn's Maya-Maya-Maya chant and Richard's adoration of Jennifer Hale, you freak out in a negative way. I guess my reference was too obtuse.

Kyle said...


I'm constructing an underground shelter to prepare me for the inevitable fallout if Batman 7 doesn't win best picture in 2 years time.

Anonymous said...


I really like how you openly express your love of Nintendo characters at your age. Recently Kirby's Epic Yarn came out in PAL regions and the shop assistant gave me c**p over me buying it. But I walked out of that shop with pride.

Chris said...

@The Out-Cast team and friends

Glad to see from Twitter that everyone's more or less ok in Tokyo and Osaka. Take care.

riley said...

Glad everybody's alright.

zain said...

Hope all is well over there guys.

Raven236 said...

Hope you guys are ok.. 8.9 quake.

Take care.

Gwyn said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! I can confirm that the Out-cast Crew is ok, although trains are out all over the place so the next podcast may have to be a skype-cast.
By some miracle, my tv was the only thing in my apartment that didnt get knocked over in the quake! Crazy eh?
The office has some fancy new cracks in the walls now too....

migrations said...

I'm sorry about what happened, to every one in the vicinity of the quake. You guys are my podcast friends though so I wanted to make sure that you all are okay. Glad to here Gwyn.

KG Jung said...

Glad you guys are ok. Unfortunately, this wasn't the "big one" that the scientists have predicted is it? Isn't there supposed to be a real big one to hit the Tokyo area at some point in the future?

Raven236 said...


Thanks, glad to know you guys are ok and well.
WOW your TV survived eh LOL Bonus i guess.

Hope the Power plants wont be an issue,
No one wants another Hiroshima again...

Chris said...

If you've already done what you can for disaster relief and have the means to pick up a wee gem of Japanese gaming...

Parasite Eve (the one Kyle actually likes) is now out for PSN/North America. It's a bit dated, obviously, but it plays well for what it is, and it's almost worth the $6 just to watch Aya ditch her useless date near the beginning. That's one efficient, no-nonsense cop!

PE2 should be along shortly. Vagrant Story and Xenogears went up about two weeks ago. Ok, that's a lot of Square--but I'm not complaining.

To everyone in Japan, I don't mean to sound useless or trite, but be well and stay safe. Best wishes.

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