Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Out-Cast: Episode 22 - Game Of The Year 2011

Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again. Once again Kyle, Gwyn, and myself sit down and talk about the best games of year for nearly 3 hours. Hope you all enjoy listening!

*Note: We lost our file hosting (which had been donate so graciously) and are in the process of finding a new host. If you have any recommendations for cheep/free hosting, please comment.

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In this edition:
Late to the Party (Best non-2011 game we played)
Guilty Pleasure
Biggest Suprise
Most Anticipated 2012 Game
Worst Game/Biggest Disappointment
Best Portable Game
Top 3 Games of 2011


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great show. I always love year end discussions and you guys always have particularly interesting opinions on games, not to mention a solid interest and understanding of the Japanese game industry.

Just wondering though, have any of you guys played a title for Wii called Earth Seeker? If so, did you like it at all? I'm debating about importing it but it is hard to find any good opinions on the game...

Manticore said...

How do I find that video review of FF Type 0 you mentioned?

pmurph said...

Sweet! always enjoy your podcast ;)

Radical Dreamer said...

Here ya go.

@Molloy Boy
No idea about earth seaker. For Wii stuff Kyle would be your best bet.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast guys and I agree with Gywn that Portal 2 is game of the year. It's flawless entertainment and unlike anything else you've played.

@Radical Dreamer

You'll be please to know I've pre-ordered the Limited Edition of The Last Story from Been drooling over that game ever since you guys talked about it last year.

I believe more people are exited and interested in Xenoblade, because there has been far more promotional material for it than The Last Story. Xenoblade was unveiled at E3 2009 as Mondao: The New Beginning, while The Last Story has never gotten an E3 showing. Plus during Opertaion Rainfall's surgence, the game they were focusing on was Xenoblade.

But I'll see which is better (personally) when my copy arives.

If anyone wishes to know the release dates of The Last Story in the PAL territories are:

- Australia and New Zealand - 23rd of Feburary.
- Europe - 24th of Feburary.
- South Africa - 3rd of March.

If you want an American release, my fellow American gamers, pre-ordering and buying Xenoblade is your best shot. Even if you've imported the PAL version or downloaded it off the net. You still need to buy the American version of Xenoblade.

Killabyte said...

Good podcast as always. However I think you should try playing Bioshock 2 before dismissing it as a cash-in. It plays better than the original, has an interesting plot with a great ending and good multiplayer.

riley said...

Always enjoy a new podcast! Thanks, guys, great work as ever.

Personally, I don't think it's that much of a stretch that Kyle didn't mind the story of Uncharted because Kyle has himself admitted that, with the exception of a few games, he doesn't give a rat's ass about the story anyway. Just a thought.

Chris said...

Enjoyed the podcast, guys. Nice job.
ICO is an awesome pick for a best "late-to-the-party" game. I've also enjoyed your reviews of Type-0. I think it's something I would love, but I get why it doesn't suit you. Sorry your work pretty much required you to suffer through it, but good job nonetheless.

Speaking of graphics-based "guilty pleasures" like El Shaddai, have you had a look at Sumioni from Acquire Corp. for the Vita? It looks like kind of an innovative take on 2D action platforming (I hope it is and hope it's good) but its sumi-e art style will probably get me to buy it even if the gameplay is less than stellar.

Since all of you gentlemen enjoy the 360, are any of you considering The Witcher 2 when it releases for console? Kat Bailey had some good things to say about its pc version even though it's not really her preferred style of rpg, so I was wondering.

Han said...

Hey Gang! I have been away for a few podcasts and recently have gotten caught up (I know.. shame on me, especially cause I AM your biggest fan from the get go) You guys are still doing very enjoyable podcasts and I (we) appreciate it very much!! I have some comments for yous:

1) No Vita only podcast!? I'm surprise you guys didn't talk about it more in depth as you did pre 3DS release. Was there not enough to talk about? Here in the states we are 2 weeks away from the release of it and I am drooling over the thing. Please consider doing a section on your next podcast dedicated to the Vita.

2) Game of the year for me was hands down Dark Souls. I highly recommend you guys play it.

3) I want to send you guys a little something to show my gratitude and to give back, I already have that "thing" in mind (no... not $$$ but it IS game related... or it it? lol) Is there a mailing address you want to give out? Don't worry there's nothing fishy about it, completely harmless you have nothing to worry about. Are you intrigue? :-)

Peter said...

For cheap hosting check out Bluehost:

Full disclosure, that is an affiliate link.

It's $5.95 a month if you buy 2 years at a time. $6.95 a month if you register for a year. The smaller the time increment the higher the price per month.

We use Bluehost at work and I use it to host a couple of my own sites. It works incredibly well and I've never had a problem with them.

pmurph said...

Agree with han on a vita segment, if you have the time of course! i'm personally picking mine up at launch here in scotland! I'm currently debating what games to get at launch, i lost interest in uncharted but you guy's really swayed me on that during this episode.

So it's pretty much a toss-up between uncharted and gravity daze, i'm FAR more interested in gravity rush however being download only here in europe means i would need to spend the launch waiting for my horrible internet connection to download it, hardly a thrilling thing to do after picking up such a beautiful piece of kit.

Gwyn said...

@Chris - The Witcher 2 on 360 is definately on my radar! Given my current backlog though, I will probably wait until it drops in price a bit.

@Peter - Thanks for the recommendation! I have been discussing hosting options with Richard and plan to sign up with someone or other by this weekend!

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