Monday, August 22, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 19 - What's the Happs Special... WTF?!?

With Gwyn out of the country and a myriad of technical difficulties I was supprised when what showed up in my inbox but a new Out-Cast ready to go. Gwyn had this to say about it:
Hey there everyone! Gwyn here, posting this from an undisclosed secret location.
We have had a list of technical issues with this episode of the podcast
thats extreme even for us. But despite these, and despite being literally an
ocean apart, the Crew has managed to get some new content together, so please
bear with us through the technical hiccups because I think you'll enjoy what
we've scavanged up. You'll thrill to Kyle's description of his theatrical-sized
'chainsaw', gasp at special guest Daniel feits longest use of expletives ever
recorded, be shocked at Richards Skype connection, and slowly back away from
Gwyn's attempts to record at 11pm on his way home from birthday drinks while
consuming....more birthday drinks.

Next stop - TGS!

So long story short we lost an entire Mailbag but luckily, friend of the Out-Cast Dan Feit was on hand to pick up the slack on a short stop-over in Tokyo. Enjoy!

Download: Mediafire, iTunes (Processing)

00:00:00 Introduction
What's the Happs
00:01:52 Pre-E3 - Gwyn, Richard, and Kyle
01:16:38 Post E3 - Gwyn and Dan

Song List
Atarashii bumneikaika - Tokyo Jihen
How Crazy Are You? - Meja
Pearl Blue Soul - R


Haymar said...

Despite the technical issues, nice episode! The bar and the music in the background kept things pretty classy during the second segment. I was wondering how Xenoblade holds up next to the other Xeno games in terms of story. Richard said in his review that it was great and cutscene heavy, similar to Xenosaga, but does it ever get as dramatic? Thanks for the episode and keep it up!

riley said...

Thanks for the episode, it was as enjoyable as always.

KG Jung said...

Finally, podcast at a bar. Still need a drunken Kyle though.

Raven236 said...

Indeed we need to hear Kyle drunk

btw Gwyn hope to run in to you online
for DOA Dimentions.

silversaucer said...

TGS is so close!!! have fun guys!

SoClassyItHurts said...

Hey guys!! I don't post here often, but I really wanted to let you know that the casts ARE FANTASTIC!! Keep up the great work, and remember; you've got more fans than you think. I know multiple people who also listen to the cast, and we're all happy with the work you do!

Gwyn said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm currently back in Tokyo for 1 week only but the Out-cast Crew is gonna try to get something together this weekend, so keep an eye out next week for new content!

zain said...

Great news, been looking forward to a new episode!

silversaucer said...

Gwyn seriously don't you get vacation time ever you work-a-holic!

Raven236 said...

Its Japan home of the workaholic

Radical Dreamer said...

You guys got it backwards. He's not a workaholic, he's just working normal Japanese hours

...that poor poor bastard

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