Monday, October 25, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 10b - Mailbag Special #2

Well, our next podcast episode is fully complete, ready to upload, and locked in a room that none of us have the key to... So you guys get a mailbag special instead! This time it's just me and Kyle so get ready for the Out-Cast as you've never heard it before-- without Gwyn keeping us on track!

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Mailbag Special #2!
  • Do you think that Matsuno's return to Square for Tactics Ogre will be permanent and will games like Vagrant Story 2 will be made?
  • How are the SD upscales on JP blu-rays?
  • Should small developers go portable only, and leave the big HD games for Square and Capcom? What in the hell is wrong with Japanese TV?
  • What do you guys think of the new Devil May Cry reboot?
  • Is it possible that Halo 4 is a handheld game?
  • Will Nintendo push the 3DS as their lead system?
  • Has the success of Monster Hunter in Japan had a bigger impact than it seems world wide ? What is this I hear about arcade games in Japan having member cards that track your wins/losses and unlockables? (And more arcade related questions!)
  • What did each of you think of Parasite Eve 1 and 2?
  • Did any of you manage to check out Tales of Graces f for the PS3?
  • At which price does the PSP2 need to enter the market to have the slightest chance of outselling the 3DS?
  • What do you know about the pet interaction system in the Last Guardian?
  • How often do you 3 meet outside the podcast and what are your main activities?
  • What was the mysterious game Richard played?
  • Why would a company allow people to play their game but not allow them to tell anyone about it?
  • Is Child of Eden really that good?
  • Is there a PS3 version of Child of Eden with the PSMOVE?
  • Richard, did you really buy a 360 without the Kinect bundle?
  • Is Japan a nice place to live in general?
  • What was the most striking difference between America and Japan?
  • Other than all the different types of writing is Japanese an incredibly hard language?
  • If you had to play ONE game for eternity, cant be before the PS1 and N64 days, what game would it be?

Music in this edition:
Carving the Rock - YMCK
Leo's Palace - Anamanaguchi
Totsugeki Love Heart - May'n and Yoshiki Fukuyama


migrations said...

Nice I just caught up on the last episode today, how convenient.

GROW said...

Hmm thanks for your response to multiple maybe misplaced questions haha.

Seems your reading questions from 2 episodes ago.. ignore subsequent theories along the same lines of thought.. *blush*

Tom said...

Awesome, I've been waiting for this day.

Haymar said...

Thanks for answering my question! It's too bad since it looks like Square Enix will never return to that renaissance of great games it had before, and so many of those games had great potential for a sequel. I really would have enjoyed more Ivalice games like Vagrant Story and FFXII, since it was Matsuno's own little Final Fantasy Universe. You guys did great without Gwyn but I look forward to his return in the next episode and hopefully his business trip to Australia goes well.

feitclub said...

There are plenty of cooking shows on Japanese TV, they just air during the day rather than at night. And Richard, I think that "eating hobby" you're thinking of is "tabearuki" (literally eating and walking), the practice of going around and trying lots of different restaurants. It's not just my hobby, it's my PURPOSE.

riley said...

Thank you for answering my question.

Haymar said...

lol Hyperdimensional game neptune is actually getting localized

KG Jung said...

Kyle has got the worst gamer luck. First, Megaman Legends 3 is actually announced and what happens soon after? The very guy who created it leaves Capcom. Note: Don’t invite Kyle to any trips to Vegas.

I’m sorry to hear that the JP tendency for perfection and meticulousness doesn’t extend to upconverts on blu-rays. No surprise, but it is disappointing. I saw some pics supposedly from the Haruhi blu-rays from first season. It looks like they are applying some DNR or sharpening to make the SD material look a bit more clear. But as usual, this causes the edges of objects that it “enhances” to display artifacts like jaggies, SEVERE jaggies. This is particularly bad in animation since a thick black border on the edges is usually used to set off objects, characters, etc. This only makes the artifacting worse. Even with the lower than normal price that Bandai is charging for the blu-ray box compared to other series blu-ray, it’s just not worth it when you combine the SD first season with the rather mediocre HD second season. Pre-order cancelled.

Thanks to your podcasts, I’m tempted to buy a PSP for the first time ever. I would mainly use it for import JP games. Macross Ultimate Frontier, Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday, and Valkyria Chronicles 3 may be enough to make me get one. Sony’s announcement that PSP sales over hear have dropped by half may make getting one even cheaper at some point.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Gywn will come back. Australia has SBS, Red Rooster and Gametraders. Why should he leave?

migrations said...

Thank you! It was pretty saddening to hear that the arcade industries cash cow is currently little kid arcade machines. I want to run up to one and kick it so it fall on it's side and breaks.
Hey Kyle, I like how you describe games as having like a 'charm' you know maybe being cute or heartwarming, something that just makes you feel good. My favorite moment in a Japanes game like that was in Tomba when I saved the little elves children. I'm glad for your recomendation pretty much look on the DS or handhelds in the future to find games that might have this type of feeling.

Eliciel said...

Thank you for your in-depth analysis of my questions. I felt famous for just about 5-10 minutes hehe :).

Was a nice podcast, although I missed Gwyn. But both of you did a good job. I am really looking forward for all the nice games that are coming out for the psp. I think it will be a glorious time.

I am really hoping to hear from all three of you real soon.

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