Monday, September 27, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 10 - Tokyo Game Show 2010 Special!

Well, here's our long awaited TGS special. Not only do we do out best to cover everything that happened in TGS this year but we were also joined by some very special friends.

Our first guest on this all-star episode is Kat Bailey. She is a freelancer who writes for 1UP, G4, GamePro and EGM. She is also the host of the podcast Active Time Babble

Our second special guest is Daniel Feit. Dan lives in japan is a freelance writer for Wired Game|Life and 1UP. He also regularly contributes to

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Well, this episode we dive in with little preamble so here's what we cover:

3rd Birthday
Dissidia 012
Lord of Arcana
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Tokyo Jungle
Last Guardian/Shadow/ICO
Killzone 3
Resident Evil 5 on Move
Idol Master
Gal Gun
Marvel versus Capcom 3
Megaman Universe
Monster Hunter 3rd
Bionic commando 2
Gyakuten Keiji 2
Asura's Wrath
Yakuza of the End
Valkyria 3

Dance Evolution
Zack and Ombra and the Amusmentpark of Illusion
Bandai Namco
Gundam Muso 3

Level 5
Ni no Kuni
El Shaddai

Top 3 Games of the Show/Top Disappointment
Music in this edition:
Maya Sakamoto - DOWN TOWN
Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve Remixes) - A.Y.A (Primary Mix)


Unknown said...

Great Pod-Cast Glad to
hear about Shadow/ICO
looking forward to trying
ICO as I never played it.

Allso wanted to say I bought
Lost Odyssey and
Valkyria Chronicles
Kyle mentioned the first
it is a great game and
I love the cut scenes
and Valkyria is just Beauiful.

Thanks for every thing
about portable gameing
I Havent payed one since
the GameBoy Coulour
but with so many great
games around now seems
the time so thanks for
all the time you put in
to the Pod-Cast I have
enjoyed it since the
Final Fantasy XIII cast
it Plus Richards review
that linked me hear
is why I bought the
game evan with all the
bad things I had heard

And Halo Reach is great

Tom said...

Just finished listening, great show guys. And I got to say, the PSP is looking really great right now, as far as Japanese games go! I mean, just recently we had MGS Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, KH: Birth by Sleep, and then we have Third Birthday, Monster Hunter 3, Dissidia Duo-whatever-the-****-it-is, VC 3, and Agito! (as well as God of War, but that ain't no Eastern game) I'm very tempted to buy one right now, even on the verge of the 3DS releasing. It's been floating around that there might be a November release date, probably just for Japan... Even so, the PSP looks amazing right now, I may pick up a refurbished one from Gamestop.

And with all these big, high-profile Japanese games at TGS, as well as the inevitable onslaught of 3DS games this Wednesday, I don't think people can complain a whole lot about the Japanese game industry right now. It's clearly gone mostly portable, but Japan is ahead of the rest of the world as far as portable games by miles, in my opinion.

Ultimate Origami said...

Another excellent podcast and I've got one question for you guys. At the end of the podcast Richard and Daniel mentioned that they had played a game that they thought was awesome behind closed doors but they weren't allowed to talk about it. Why would a company allow people to play their game but not allow them to tell anyone about it?

I'm assuming the whole point of TGS is the marketing as companies try to generate hype for their upcoming games. What I don't understand is what a company could gain from showing a handful of people an excellent game and then not letting them tell anyone about it.

GROW said...

With all this talk of Valkyria 3 on PSP vs PS3 (east vs west) (Monsters VS Guns) (water pistols vs ......)

It has me thinking what is really creating the rift between the markets.. the Hardware or the girls in the back of vans.

I really want to say its just the hardware.. and i hope it is. Yes the West seems transfixed on competitive multiplayer atm but really they are responding to the same human motivations as Monster Hunter players.. they get online with there friends and unlock pretty hats.. and as we see with the success of such modes as L4D / Horde / Firefight would much rather be playing Coop with there friends any way while looking at said pretty hats.

I really hope it is just a question of access to hardware thats separating us so dramatically atm.. as there is obviously some great stuff not transitioning well so ill just have to keep listening to you gang!

Oh and that PSP griping is called the Hook Claw i think ?

SolidBoss said...

just finished listening , great episode guys! well the game im most excited from TGS its also the 3rd birthday! cant wait for this game, the psp is having a GREAT lineup this year! im also looking forward to 2 other psp games this year, there being God of War and DJ Max Portable 3.

Richard i hope that you will soon be allowed to tell us that secret game, you got me wondering what could it be.Could it be the new game Kojima is making!? damn i want to know :P

Anyway I have a question. since all you guys have high hopes for 3rd birthday I would like to know what each of you think of Parasite Eve 1 and 2, and if you even played them. Just please dont spoil me much, im actually planing to play them as soon as I can. Cheers ;)

Tom said...

Oh and Kyle, if you don't already know, maybe you might, I don't know, but.... Mega Man Legends 3 is... coming out on the 3DS. Confirmed by Capcom! Epic Win!!!

Killifish said...

Hi, just listened to the podcast. It was a good listen. Just one thing was missing: did any of you manage to check out Tales of Graces f for the PS3?

Eliciel said...

Just finished listening, I really liked the pacing of this podcast and how everyone contributed to the show, even though Dan could have talked just a little bit more often because I really liked his parts also. But all in all it was a really good Special on TGS. Thanks to everyone for giving us the opportunity to be a part of everything around Japan and Gaming. Oh and the last comment on this
That just takes the cake:D You liked how the framerate dipped in SotC? That was just hilarious I laughed my ass of I had to listen to this part over and over again to believe what you had just said. The game was clearly pushing the PS2 to it's limits. I could feel it while playing the game that this isn't intended it is just the completely overstrained machine. It would feel so much smoother without these dips. But hey maybe it was intended and I completely misinterpret the whole game design hehehehe^^

Don't take it too serious but I just had a lot of fun with your part on this :). Oh and Megaman Legends 3. ;)

Now some points for discussion:

first of all the minute I saw the new DmC and the Character design idea behind it I really was kind of shocked. How is this Dante going to replace the real Sparda? I mean he really doesn't seem even nearly as grown up as the original. I think this change will have some bad influence and if all of you noticed they announced some first sale forecast: 5 million.

I mean there are a lot of rumors about the PSP2 and everyone is awaiting the new generation portable machine from SOny. But the more I hear from it the less I believe that the PSP2 would be a great Idea. I think as you already mentioned several times the PSP main market is the Japanese market. You mentioned some numbers which were quite shocking compared to the European numbers (~15 million units?). Is there a possibility that the PSP outsells the DS in Europe/ Western / USA. All of us heard the news about 3DS about 25.000 Yen. At which price does the PSP need to enter the market to have the slightest chance of outselling the DS?

The Last Guardian: Fumito Ueda was giving some interviews on the role of the Pet (Trico? or how is he called?) and the little boy. And he said that Trico won't listen to you everytime you try to command him. If he is the only possible way to kill those guards does that mean that there will be something like a Tamagochi-styled mechanic to it where you have to take care of everything he needs? What are your takes on this?

4) I need to know which game this was Richard and Dan played behind closed doors :((

5) More personal question: How often the three of you meet outside of out cast podcast and if you do so what are your main activities?

So thank you very much again for everything about this podcast. It is one of the best podcasts with the most consolidated knowledge upon the japanese gaming industry I've ever heard. Keep it up.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you guys soon, hopefully the next podcast lasts like 4 hours again :D.

Greetings from Germany, although I'm Greek hehe :)

migrations said...

I do not listen to podcasts. I just look at the file and all the data goes directly to my brain.
You guys are officially my favorite podcast to absorb nowadays. Others are longer, but much MUCH more unorganized. Or they have as much good data but are like 30 minutes long. Your guys cast is long enough and data filled.
Also, you've gotten me to let go of my prejudices towards non-Japanese developed games. I used to be like "If it's not Japanese it's not for me" but you guys are making me realize that games are games, who makes them doesn't make a game good or bad (geographically speaking).
Oh and btw people have been asking Harada to make Tekken Tag 2 since Tekken Tag 1 came out. It was the most hype competetive Tekken. I think he is doing it for the hardcore players.

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