Friday, September 24, 2010

While you are waiting ....

... for the monstrous podcast that IS the Out-cast crew's TGS impressions, there's been a lot of robot-related news coming out of Japan in the wake of both TGS and the JAMMA Amusement Show.

First up, it looks like Linkin Park has inked a deal with Bandai to do the opening of the latest update to the popular Gundam VS series - Gundam Extreme Versus:

Secondly, a new set of Super Robot Wars L movies have hit the net. This was at TGS and, while it's unfortunate that the series is still hampered by the technical capabilities of the DS, I must admit that it still looks pretty sweet regardless:

Pretty epic music too, eh?

Finally, the new trailer for episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn is out! This episode just keeps looking better and better - can't wait for the bluray to drop!

As for TGS, the podcast should be up very shortly - possibly today even! So hang in there just a little bit longer guys!


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