Monday, September 20, 2010

Radical Dreamer at Tokyo Game Show 2010

I produced a metric ton of content in the week around TGS. I thought I'd leave a post here to help everyone to catch up.

JAMMA 48th Amusement Machine Show

EA Tokyo Showcase Report (Shadows of the Damned, PS3 Dead Space: Extraction, Alice Return to Madness)
TGS Day 1 *NEW* (3rd Birthday, Kingdom Hearts: ReCoded, Dissidia 012, Valkyria Chronicles 3)
TGS Day 2 (Ni no Kuni, Castlevania Lords of Shadow)
TGS Day 3 (Dance Evolution, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Mind Jack)
TGS Day 4 Gal Gun Special


KG Jung said...

Ha ha, so Gallia has its own version of a Soviet penal battalion. Where's the stereotypical, pistol-wielding commissar? Someone needs to "inspire" this unruly band or shoot them if they fail to fight or try to run away. It should be a "job" in VC2. At the very least, there should be Gallia's version of an NKVD blocking unit.

From the video, I see that Gallia is still wasting it's armor by using them as mere infantry support. So WW1. I guess we'll have to wait for VC5 to see Gallia group its armor into larger, dedicated units and mechanize its infantry to support those units.

Gal Gun Special . . . . I want to laugh and cry at the same time. It's just ridiculous enough that I want to try it.

SolidBoss said...

already watched all of the videos, im waiting now for the outcast TGS impressions :D

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