Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 03

Welcome to our third regular episode of the outcast. This one runs for a bit over two and a half hours and we look in-depth at Yakuza 3 and 4 as well as into other gaming news from around the world.

Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.

Download: Mediafire

0:00 Introduction

What you been doing?
01:37 Richard

  • Disappearance of Haruhi
  • Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations
  • Tomb Raider Underworld
  • Heavy Rain
18:40 Gywn
  • Fist of the North Star Dynasty Warriors
  • Shoko-Tan
  • Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape
  • Gundam Unicorn
  • May'n Consent DVD
32:00 Kyle
  • X-Box Live
  • Bioshock
  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Fatal Frame 4
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • PS1 Archives: Metal Gear Solid/Grandia
47:45 News
  • Tomodachi Collection
  • Playstation Move
  • Hatsune Miku
1:03:05 Final Fantasy XIII Western Release/Response
  • Critics and complaints
  • Linearity
  • Cuts
  • Names
  • FFXIII and the process of making a game
  • More on Linearity!
  • The JRPG vs the Western RPG
1:26:30 Yakuza 3
  • Cuts, boycotts, and the history of the series
  • Is the west entitled to all Japanese games?
  • Name of the game
1:47:54 Yakuza 4
  • New features
  • New characters
  • Demo play-by-play
  • Real to life?
2:13:00 Let's E-Mailing!
  • How was XIII received in Japan?
  • Why EoE name change?
  • What's with the Asian peace sign?
  • How is P3 different from P3 - PSP?
  • How was FFXIII's Crystarium System?
  • How does Japan compare to the west?
  • What was the first song in Out-Cast ep02?
  • Do we listen to 1UP podcasts?
  • Have we played Dragon Quest IX?

Song list
Butterfly City - Zeebra
Don't Say Lazy - Shokotan (cover)
Encounter - Metal Gear Solid 2
Yakuza kicking yo' a$$!
Yakuza 4 tv cm
Miku Miku ni shite ageru - Hatsune Miku
God knows... - Shokotan (cover)


riley said...

Great podcast guys, keep up the good work.

I have one question: why do you think the Silent Hill franchise has fallen from its height and do you think it will ever recover?

SolidBoss said...

AHAH i seriously laughted so hard when the earthquake happended in the middle! sorry i know i shouldnt laugh but it was damn funny! :P
Great podcast, thanks for the news of Hatsune Miku for ps3 i was very happy that you guys talked about this! Also i have played more than 80 hours on FF13 and i love the game but i have to say the japanese voices are much better to me( also played the jp version), still the english voices are good and all. The linearity didnt matter to me really. Richard you are lucky that you plat on your 1st playthrough I had the bad luck of not getting the treaser hunter trophy which is a missable trophy so now i have to play the game again!!

SolidBoss said...

SORRY for the double post but i wanted to also thank for answering my questions. I already played P3 FES just wanted to know if it was worth to play again on my psp. Too bad Richard only played Birth by Sleep but thanks anyway, i already watched your review and was great. About Ar Tonelico...yeah i like moe stuff on games, probably because i dont play much of these type of jrpgs :P I probably will get it when it comes out here but anyway thanks for asking all my questions. if i remember something else i wanna ask ill post it. Again great pocast and keep them coming!

FonzieRedux said...

Awesome podcast! Been around since episode 0, and I love the show.
-Alfonso from America!

Unknown said...

haha. it was so awkward when Gwyn said "get into her" xD i wonder if anyone laughed in their head.

Roni Peled said...

Hey about my user name I used to be a big Ozzy fan and it just used that account by default. My usual name on forums is darthroni (darth as in darth vader and Roni as in my name) yea still pretty bad XD So thanks for answering my question (about how it is in japan).
My new question is, well more of a request can you talk about some of the animes or mangas in japan ? Is naruto as big in Japan or others like that ? What can you recommand? all that stuff.
Also ! when playing FF13 who was your favorite/most hated characters? My most hated is lighting and favorite is Sazh. Only played maybe 7 hours though
Keep doing the podcasts !

JMHCurly said...

Thank you all Outcast Team for answering my question for your personal aversion to FFXI. I will say though that XI does indeed have a strong Japanese player base, at least from what I have seen when I played, and SE tends to listen to them much more than their Western player base. Why do you all think this may be, other than the obvious it's because they are Japanese themselves. Thanks again for another brilliant Podcast. Peace.

SoClassyItHurts said...

Once again it was a fantastic podcast!!! You guys are all incredibly fun to listen to. Is the show going to be up on itunes any time soon? Richard posted that it would be up soon, but it's still not up...Oh and I have a question...Do people in Japan own multiple ds's? For example having a ds lite to carry around with them and then a separate ds XL for home use?

Roni Peled said...

Hey, sorry for the double post but an opportunity has come up ! I may be able to live in japan for a year to study my 11th grade. I hardly know any Japanese and I would have 6 months to learn. What do you guys think of this.

Gwyn said...

Hey there Prince! Err... Mr. Darkness? Or... something like that?
You certainly pose an interesting question and its difficult to even form an opinion without more details. In the end its up to you but you might want to take the following into consideration:
*What sort of course is it? Is it an exchange program through your school? Do they provide student accommodation, cover airfares, have some sort of support network in place?
*Is it an exchange program with dedicated classes or will you be in regular classes conducted in Japanese? If so, 6 months isnt really learn enough of the language to keep up with the university-entrance-exam-level study that most students your age will be doing.
*Where are you likely to be placed? The Outcast Crew is located primarily in or around the Tokyo area, but Japan is a lot bigger than just Tokyo. Does your school have a sister-city/school exchange setup? Can you choose where you will be placed? If not, are you happy to live in areas that could be relatively rural?
*Are you comfortable with living away from your family for a year? It's a giant step and, while extremely rewarding, can be difficult for those who arent mentally and emotionally prepared. Living alone for the first time after university or college is hard enough on most people (and as an ex-JET counselor I saw a lot of this first-hand) but in the middle of high school the change will possibly be more difficult.

If all this sounds negative, that's not my intention. I just recommend thinking the entire situation through in full before making decision.

Living abroad is usually a life changing experience for most people (hint - after a 2 week trip to Japan in the 10th grade with no language ability...well...the ultimate impact was that I've now lived almost 1/3 of my life here) - it expands your horizons and that can only be a good thing. You will also make lifelong friends and be able to get a really intensive jumpstart to learning the language. Overall I think it could be potentially a very rewarding experience provided you think the decision through as thoroughly as possible before making a decision.
Just my 2 yen.

And to everyone else... thanks for the feedback! The next episode is due to be recorded on the 3rd and should be up soon afterwards so keep those questions coming! :-D

Roni Peled said...

(read the previous post for the info of the name XD)
Wow ! thanks for all the info ! I will try and answer theses questions and maybe you could get more info and answer me more about what you think ? Well thank you very much.I will try my hardest to learn the language before I go and I think I will.

Also, I get to choose were in japan and I would definitely choose Tokyo.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yet another great podcast from the Out-Cast Team! As I am currently a youngster in high school, I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about education in Japan. I've been looking into places such as International Christian University, Sophia University, and Temple University in Japan. Out of these three I'm most interesting in ICU, and if I get accepted there's a good chance I might attend.

As always keep up the good work-- I look forward to your next podcast.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the double post-- but I was searching for the Yakuza 4 demo on the Japanese PSN Store and wasn't able to find it. I assume it has already been taken off? I did manage to find a Yakuza 3 demo however.

SolidBoss said...

Hello again guys, I have a question :)

If you guys noticed the end of the Month on Japan PS3 was the king of the hill in terms of sales! I heard it was not only because of Yakuza 4 but also this add-on called Torne DV-R. I tryed searching and its some kind of device that enables to watch and record TV on your ps3, also interesting you can get trophies just by watching final episodes of tv shows! Have any of you guys got it or tested it? well this is all for now, im still shocked by ps3 sales in japan!

Gwyn said...

Hey there Zain.
The demo is definately still up.
Log into PSN and from the main menu, go to the third option from the bottom (demos and PV). Thenyou should have a bunch of demo panels on your screen. Choose the 2nd panel on the left (has a pic of Kiryu).
You should now have 2 Yakuza 4 panels. The left is the demo and the right is the promotional video (PV).
Hope this helps!

riley said...

I'm sorry about the double post (again) but I have a question about the podcast that doesn't necessarily have to be answered IN the podcast, but you could if you wanted, I suppose. Is there an actual schedule as to when you record and post new episodes or is it just whenever it is most convenient for all of you to get together, factoring work schedules and such. Just wondering, because I love listening to the 'cast and it'd be nice to know when new episodes come out (I realize you do say so on the comment sections occasionally). Thanks!

SolidBoss said...

hi again.Did you guys went to the Tokyo International Anime Fair? what were your impressions and best animes? I saw another PV of Black Rock Shooter anime and blew my mind! also this movie called Mardock Scramble look really nice! I envy you people there in japan that can go and watch this events! Someday I will def go there.

ThePatrick said...

Hey guys, nice podcast! You hit on a lot of good points about my favorite series (Ryû ga gotoku / Yakuza), the Final Fantasy series, video games in general, and seedy/shady parts of Japan.

I'm the "ThePatrick" who got mentioned here for writing the guides for Ryû ga gotoku games (at around 2:08:00 or so). You said I should come by sometime, and that'd be nice and all, but I live in Los Angeles at the moment so that might be a far commute to shoot the breeze about games, heh.

Keep up the good work!

litening_lad said...

omg...thanks for answering my question guys made my day..yeah i have no life..XD..but on the asian peace sign..there are a lot of asians in australia so i guess im not that unique but im the only asian in my group so i guess that makes me "unique"..yeah thanks guys...but my question is if mario had voice overs what would mario sound like??...personally i always pictured mario with chuck norris voice overs..XD

Anonymous said...

In response to the above question, Mario has been voiced multiple times by many different people-- the most well known being Charles Martinet. Mr. Martinet also provides voices for Luigi (and various other characters) as well.

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