Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Out-Cast: Episode 13 - 3DS Hands-on at Nintendo World 2011

On this episode of the Out-Cast we talk about our hands on time with the 3DS at last week's Nintendo World 2011 game show. We are also joined once again by Daniel Feit who has written for 1UP, Wired Game|Life, Bitmob and Gamepro magazine.

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Streaming: Blip.tv

On this episode we talk about the 3DS and the following games:
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Pilotwings Resort
  • Resident Evil: Revelations
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater
  • Kingdom Hearts 3DS
  • ...and many more!
In a week or two expect our "Best of 2010" show and our special episode all about "The 3rd Birthday"

Music in this edition:
Destiny Girl - Minato
Help Me - Erin


Han said...

Gentleman! How are you!? I just listened to the latest podcast. Freakin loved it!! Oh man it was so good...

I just wished it was a bit longer than an hour. Speaking of that "who" is the clown whom said the podcast are too long? Don't listen to them fellas do the long podcast if you have time. Go more in depth, go on tangents, bring up the past references, whatever, don't hold back.

I'm a day one midnight launch party buyer. No doubt. Now a couple of things about the 3DS I want to know and a few comments I've got.

1) I own the DS XL and I the best thing about it to me is the large screen. How does the screen size of the 3DS feel compared to the XL?
Don't get me wrong I'll still get it but am looking ahead to the inevitable 3DS XL. Now adays with the system trade in credit deals when a new version comes out it's not so bad.

2) Seeing as how the 3D effect is more inward then popping out.. does this make it still awesome? Is it a big deal that the technology did not allow the popping out effect or does the contrast between the going in makes the flat plane pop out? Do you know what I mean?

3) I found that whole conversation SO funny the way Kyle doesn't touch his DS touch screen! not even with the flat of his thumb! I'm the same way. Whenever someone wants to play my DS I feel like such an ass cause I MUST say "Just don't touch the screen, then I hover over them like a hawk to make sure they don't" :D

4) Hi Richard. If I may offer some free advice for you. I love SF and someone helped me with the Z moves back when by saying just do a fireball motion while walking forward. Don't think about it, flick it. Let me know how you make out. And Gwyn I agree that it is really lame what they did with the touch screen quick moves.

That's all for now. Thank You for bringing us the latest and greatest gaming scoop. Your efforts are much appreciated. Keep up the good work. I'm (and I'm sure everyone else) is very much looking forward to the next podcast.

The HanMAN

Tom said...

Great listen guys. I eagerly await your GotY deliberations! As for SF4, I'd like to say that I don't think Capcom implemented touch screen moves correctly. A really obvious way of implementing touch control would be to just draw the actual move with your finger or something, mimicking the motion an analog stick would make. Just having a list of moves breaks the balance and removes some of the satisfaction of pulling off a sick move.

GROW said...

I dont know if holding out for a 3DS light or XL is a good idea even if its a vastly popular sentiment. I think the battery issue makes shrinking it impossible and the screen technology makes finding a manufacture producing a larger screen difficult. The screen they are using is apparently a Samsung panel from a digital camera (wont really know till its taken apart thou).. to get a manufacture to make a large scale pixel barrier filter screen would be quite hard i think as the demand is all in cameras.

Did any of you watch much of CES 2011.. finding a recording of the Sony press conference might be interesting to your PSP2 theories. There was a mention of Phones and Tablets (in the future) that use playstation sensibilities and the post show QnA was spammed by PSP questions in a rage of fury! to the point that they couldn't answer any questions.. to the point they had to tell people to give it up (this all happening live). More interestingly thou i think was the Sony G 3DHD handy cam with a touch screen 3D glasses free display. If Sony release a tablet with that 3D touchscreen and high end games that would be quite a nice feature they could say they could have ahead of the 3DS which avoided that 3D touch input for fingerprint issues? Would you say the Ipad is popular enough in japan with the right audience to have a Sony tablet take the space of the next sony games handheld+more?

Haymar said...

Hmmm I guess I'll be waiting until the 3ds lite so i can get good battery life out of it. I assume the 3d technology would be cheaper to produce by then as well. By any chance will the next episode cover the square enix first production department premiere or has it already been recorded?

riley said...

Nice. I really have no interest in 3D or the DS at all (not a Nintendo fan), but it's still interesting to hear about.

My sole complaint is that this episode was grievously short, and I totally agree with Han; the longer the better. I can't wait for the next episode because I really miss the "News" "What'cha been doing?" and "Mailbag" segments.

@Richard: I hope you figure out how to encode your review. Good luck!

Radical Dreamer said...

@HanMAN, riley, Haymar
Before we even knew about Nintendo World 2011, we were planning a "Game of the Year" podcast. So when it came up, we cut "News" "What's the Happs?" and "Mailbag" in favor of this 3DS stuff. Of course, it wasn't till after we were finished recording we realized that the 3DS stuff was really time sensitive. So, to save on post-production time, we just made it into it's own episode. The "game of the year" half should be up sometime next week. After that is the Parasite Eve Special (which we have yet to record) …though I suspect we'll release 2 versions of that one: One for Out-Cast fans and one for people who just want to hear about "The 3rd Birthday." Oh and if you have any questions specific to "The 3rd Birthday" or the other Parasite Eve games, here's the place to post em.

Thanks for the Z-Move tip. I've never thought of it that way before. I'll try it out sometime soon, perhaps on MvC3 itself.

I'll leave those questions for a future mailbag.

While it took me right up until the deadline, I was able to submit a version of the video I was mostly happy with. My "The 3rd Birthday" review will be up on GameZone this Friday. My written review will be posted sometime in the coming weeks.

KG Jung said...


Bad news for people like you considering 3Ds:


Yay, region codes :P

riley said...

Some people on here might find this interesting. There's nothing revolutionary, but it's still neat to hear what these anonymous developers have to say. http://www.gametab.com/news/3559303/

I can't believe the guy at the end received Kinect so positively. I don't understand how it will work in Japan with the tiny houses/apartments people live in (I've never been in one myself but I hear they're small).

Raven236 said...

Hi guys nice podcast episode on the 3ds:

Apparently the PSP2 will be announced on the 27 JAN in Japan (Tokyo), you guys got any news on this?

The industry will finally find out what form the PSP2 will take at a press event in Tokyo on January 27th, trade sources have confirmed to MCV.

Claims emerging this morning about an impending reveal for the long-rumoured PSP2 are true.

Publishers were informed late last year of the plans, with some of Sony's biggest parties already at work on titles for the high-specced device.

The date of the reveal itself is just the beginning, however.

This Friday's copy of MCV magazine has some exclusive industry insight - some of which will come as a huge surprise. Check back for the full story on MCVuk.com.


Raven236 said...

Opps sry here is the correct link.


Chris said...

Gentlemen, a belated thanks for your timely comments on Nintendo's 3DS. Very much looking forward to the GOTY portion of the podcast.

It's always interesting to hear how Japanese gamers respond to games produced in their country, so if there's ever a chance, what were their (or your) impressions of titles like Okamiden and Nier that could be seen as a bit more "niche" than FF or KH or even SMT? Both IPs took a few risks with story and mechanics, for better and worse, and I was wondering how they fared beyond raw sales figures.

Kyle said...


Whats up, thanks for the response.

While this is some what tangential, something I'd like to discuss on air one day, is the huge gap in niche title between Japan and the west. Just because a game made in Japan has a relatively large cult following in the west...that DOES NOT mean that there is a similar following in Japan. Okami is a great example, while a lot of people in the west swear by it, I'm yet to meet a single Japanese gamer who has ever played it. But probably the best example out there is Earthbound (Mother). While yeah, it does have somewhat of a cult following in Japan...its nowhere near the status of a "religion" like it is in the west now.

And on the topic of Nier, I always see people on American forums ranting and raving about how awesome a game it is....however the game failed spectacularly in Japan, the development company was shuttered, and has a non-existant following in Japan.

Chris said...


Hey, thanks for the reply. The differences between fan-followings would certainly be a timely topic with SE very publicly trying to work out how to develop and market the same games for East and West.

Regarding the audience for Nier, its initial sales figures were actually good according to reports from the Kotaku and Gamasutra sites. Someone in Japan bought it, apparently, but perhaps it's tucked away in various piles of shame or already in the "used" bins. Poor Cavia.

Still, hardware is the big news right now. It's exciting to hear a lot of third-party developers expressing interest in the 3DS, though I wonder what kind of competition it will eventually have from the PSP2.

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