Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SQUARE ENIX 1st Production Department Premiere

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Final Fantasy Type Zero (Agito XIII) Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3DS Trailer

Watch em now, before they are taken down.


KG Jung said...

Hmm, so we are going back in time with FFXIII-2? Lightning with less advanced weapons? That doesn't look promising.

Gwyn said...

@KG - Am getting a total Sophitia vibe from the armour...and am loving it!

Tom said...

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance! Terrible SE subtitles return... Also, Versus looks ace, even if quite a bit KH-esque.

riley said...

Interesting.... Lightning's new look is pretty cool, but I'm not overly fond of the ridiculous amount of thigh she's showing.

KG Jung said...


A Sophitia vibe is fine, but this is Lightning dammit! Gunblade, GUNBLADE!!!!!!! Also, I prefer Lightning's original outfit . . . Plus, Aya looks pretty cool in it as well.

I hope XIII-2 is a lot better than X-2. X-2 was just so silly I couldn't even finish the game.

Chris said...

It also looks a bit like Claymore. Personally, I like the change even though the original outfit was good. Lightning is the kind of character who wears intensity well.

Heath said...

Have to finish Disk3 of ff13 now! towns in ff13-2 now? perhaps with the older equipment designs?
Versus looks great.. but i didn't ever warm to Kingdom Hearts controls or speed so might not be for me. I guess if 3DS Kingdom Hearts gets some new control configs Versus might get some as well.

Thanks for the post.

Radical Dreamer said...

It was pretty much a safe bet from the start that Versus would play a lot like Kingdom Hearts. After all with the completion of Kingdom Hearts II, that entire team was transfered over to make Versus XIII. This is also the reason why there is not Kingdom Hearts III, the whole team is still busy on Versus!

riley said...

@Tom/Radical Dreamer

That kind off worries me because the game looks really interesting for its story, but I've never cared for Kingdom Heart's gameplay style. I'm having the same issue with Mass Effect 2 (which I just bought for my ps3). The gameplay is okay, but not my favorite; the story, on the other hand, is absolutely fantastic and I find myself rushing through the fights to get to the story parts. I mean, the gameplay isn't bad, I just think the story overshadows it.

Anyway, the same thing may happen with Versus XIII for me.

Chris said...

So how is the reaction to the official announcement of FFXIII-2 shaping up in Japan?

I remember the discussion of Vanilla/Vanille as a recognizably Japanese type of girl on the Outcast's episode 00--which was great, btw. If Lightning is an unusual female type for Japanese entertainment (Ghost in the Shell notwithstanding), is she still popular enough to fuel excitement as the protagonist and poster-girl?

Gwyn said...

@Chris - Well the few Japanese gamers I know that have home consoles (not just PSP/DS) are pretty optimistic about 13-2. And Squeenix is pushing Lightning pretty hard as their overall poster-girl at the moment. I mean, she is all over all and any coverage about Duodecim as well. Moreover, she is quite popular among female fans, so I think she can still carry the weight of a sequel pretty well.... until Squeenix uses the 13 engine to remake FF7 of course ;-)

Chris said...

I could go for a Crystal Tools-based FFVII, definitely. However, if Squeenix were to make it, I would want them to include a mini-game in which Tifa is allowed to knock sense into Cloud in a very literal way--like Lightning with Snow.

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