Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Top 5 Ridiculously Awesome Games of TGS 2010

Here's my first of two written articles about TGS2010 going up on GameZone. Its aptly titled "The Top 5 Ridiculously Awesome Games of TGS 2010." So go read it.

Pop-Quiz time!
1) Which game could easily be retitled "The Dirty Dozen Versus the Magical Steam-Punk Nazi-Romans?"
2) What game puts the "Awe" back in "Awesome?"
3) Is this the most awesome thing you've seen all day? Or the most puzzling?

4) Most shooters are all about aiming for the head, while Dead Space is all about aiming for the limbs. What new title demands that you aim for the squishy bits?
5) What game's DRM is over three times less portable than the game system itself?
All answers should be written with a number two pencil. Make sure all your marks are heavy and dark.


hotchocolate5000 said...

Kyle is it wierd that you were in my dream?!?! I was dreaming and I was on a plane to japan and everyone on the plane was Japanese and then I asked how you say "I want some Fanta" in Japanese.

Also Richard I thoroughly enjoyed the article WD :D

KG Jung said...


Since you're the VC fan of the trio, I am hoping you may know the answer to a question of mine. I've been replaying VC and I noticed that in the intro movie that plays before or during the main title there is a collection of scenes from various in game movies/cutscenes from the game. There is one scene that I don't see in the game however. It's the scene in which you see several Edelweiss-class tanks in a line with their turrets facing their right flank as they advance forward. Is that from some cutscene in the game? I've never actually seen it in game before unlike all the other scenes. It suggests that the Edelweiss eventually was mass produced and that Welkin's own tank isn't the only one of the class around. I just remembered this after watching the gameplay video from VC3 in which you clearly see another Edelweiss-class tank you can control. Was this movie of the Edelweiss heavy tanks removed from the original game or did I just simply miss it after playing the game like 6+ times somehow?

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