Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kept you waiting huh?

The next podcast will be up very soon everyone. I am out of the country for work and have been somehow locked out of this account from the main computer I'm using, hence the delay.

But mere 10hr flights, 14hr work days and thousands of miles shall not deter the Out-cast Podcast! Keep an eye out for something new soon.

On a different note, those who follow me on twitter will no doubt already be aware that Maaya got married last week - to none other than Kenichi Suzumura. How is this related to gaming? Well, as Squarenix fans have probably already realised, this means that in real life Zack ended up with Aerith after all :-)


Haymar said...

That's incredible :D

Raven236 said...

Looking forward to it.

riley said...


Heath said...

what gundam should i watch.. friend is going to watch it with me.. hes going to bring his old gundam shows.. (hes 22 ) so what would go well with what ever he brings.. of the newer stuff i guess. pref getting local releases ENG or in some way relates to any of the Gundam video games (all systems) so pref newer games.

Tom said...

Someday I'll know what Gwyn does for work....

zain said...

I will keep watching this until the next episode is uploaded:

Raven236 said...

Hi Guys,

i have a few questions about the lifestyle in

What are the standard working hours in Japan?
Is it mon to sat?

13 hours a day?

Do most Japanese people chose to work Over time
due to the high cost of living?


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