Thursday, February 17, 2011


Did the above picture get your attention guys? Good.

Catherine came out today and after having played the first few hours, I've dusted off my old 1-up blog and thrown some impressions up. Its a little wordy, but you can read all about it HERE.


Justin said...

Ahh the contervatual game made by the makers of The Persona series.

To be honest i dont think i be picking this up...
As i have a younger brother and Sister around the house and dont want them to accidentally see me playing it...

That and i am not in to these kind of games LOL

I'll read the review though

Chris said...

Thanks for the first impressions. How's it going further in? I like the Persona series, but I'm not interested in the high school story yet again. I would consider picking this game up if it releases internationally.

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