Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big in Japan - Live! starts 1/28 at 5am EST on

Hey guys. as you all no doubt know, for my work as a game journalist, I have to play through and review all the big name Japan first/Japan only games. So I figured if I’m going to be playing these games for work anyway, why not stream it to the net so everyone can watch. I don’t really plan on having any kind of running commentary while I play, nor do I feel like giving out a running translation, but I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you type into the chat window.

First up is Final Fantasy I-VI creator Nironobu Sakaguchi's newest game "The Last Story." I'll be starting on 1/28 EST and should continue playing for the majority of the weekend. And if you get lucky, you might just catch a little bit of co-op play between me and fellow Out-Cast member Kyle McLain.

See you there!


Justin said...

Looking forward to it.

BTW could you please review:

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

For the DS if you have the time?

I was truly scared by it, but have never played
the Japanese version, And would like to know
What are your opinions on it.

Thank you, said...

Hi Richard. When and where can I find "your" review of The Last Story? I've watched the stream only a little bit and can hardly tell what's going on in the battles but overall the game as a whole looks very polished and I. like. polish.

Thank You for streaming and doing "the thing"

Radical Dreamer said...

I had never heard of "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" till you mentioned it. As it's already out in the west, I probably won't be reviewing it but I may pick it up and give it a try for a personal playthrough. If I do, then I will no doubt talk about it on the Out-Cast.
I currently making the video review of "The Last Story." I'll send it to GameZone on Monday and they'll have it up by next Friday. I also plan on writing a written review for them as well which will be up late Feb or early March

"The Thing!?" Who told you about "The Thing?" I most certainly did NOT tell anyone about any "Things" which I may or may not be doing.

Er... I mean... seriously though, I'm curious. What is "the thing"? said...

Yo Richard that had me howling!

Ahem. "The first rule about "the thing" is you don't talk about "THE THING"

Justin said...


Thank you, ^^

Btw thank you (As well as the others ) for taking your time to Do the podcast ^^

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