Thursday, April 7, 2011

Richard on the GamePro's "Roleplayers' Realm" Podcast

Hey everybody, Richard (Radical Dreamer) here to do a bit of self-promotion. Friend of the Out-Cast, Kat Bailey, has recently moved from 1Up to GamePro. And with the move she has left behind "Active Time Babble" and taken the helm of GamePro's new "Roleplayers' Realm"Podcast. And thanks to gracious invitation from Kat, it features a 40-minute segment with your's truly covering The Last Story.

Download Here (via GamePro)

Bit of back-story on this whole thing. We have had no end of technical difficulties getting this whole thing recorded. With the blackouts in Japan, I found myself getting up at 4:30am to record --only to discover that to our mutual dismay, Kat was being recorded but not me. Luckily, the pod-casting guru's at GamePro were able to get everything good to go... but not until after we were forced to reschedule. Then after recording, we managed to lose the second half of our Last Story talk in a computer error. So what you're hearing is half take-one and half take-two. Despite all the troubles though, I'm very happy with it. And hey, all the problems are out of the way now. Anyway, this looks to be a reoccurring gig, so you'll probably be hearing me on "Roleplayers' Realm" when it hits every other week.

But don't worry! The Out-Cast will continue normally and won't be canceled or anything like that. The reason we don't have a new episode recorded yet is due to my moving to a new apartment more than anything else. In the coming weeks we do plan to have a new episode up and ready.

Again, big thanks to Kat for thinking of me for the spot on her show. Also one for Gwyn for Fed-Exing me the Pod-Cast mic so I sounded good on the cast.

Peace Out.


Chris said...

Thanks for the heads-up. It's great to hear something devoted specifically to rpgs.

Haymar said...

cool. now i'm looking forward to xenoblade too. Looks like my wii is going to get a workout :)

Tom said...

Last Story sounds so fly, I hope it does really well for Sakaguchi. I hate for this to be the end of him.

Justin said...

I have yet to play the last story.
As i dont own a WII.

Hope it gets ported.

Haymar said...

Oh Richard, I know you are already doing a lot of freelance work for gamezone and cheatcodecentral, I just wanted to let you know IGN is hiring a freelancer from Japan. If you can, it could probably be a great opportunity.

Justin said...


OMG thank you soo much for reviewing Fatal Frame IV!!!!

I am a huge fan of that series, have played 1,2 &3. With 2 being my personal fav.

Sadly i havent played Fatal Frame IV as i dont have a WII. And it wasent ported over.

Good review, Thank you soo much again!!

riley said...

Happy Birthday, Richard!!!

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