Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're on iTunes!

Well, it's taken a long time, and iTunes hasn't made it easy to get on their little store, but all you people out there who want the Out-Cast via iTunes have got your wish. A big thanks go out to "The Russian" and his pals in the "Sober Old Drunks" (a Battlefield Europe clan) for donating their extra server space to us.

Now, I've just submitted the XML feed to the store in the last five minutes, so we're not searchable quite yet. But who cares about that right? After all, I got a little link right here that'll plop the Out-Cast into iTunes whether we're in the store yet or not!

Click here to add the Out-Cast to iTunes!
(or copy and paste this into your browser: pcast://

In other news, we're recording a Metal Gear: Peace Walker special this Sunday and you can expect my video review the day before (the fates willing). So have a happy weekend and hope to see you back here real soon.


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