Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can't Get Enough Amano Artwork?

Click here for the 20 pictures cut from my article on @GamePro covering Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D artist Amano Yoshitaka's 2011 exhibition that I have uploaded to facebook for you all to see.

Of course, my editor and friend of the podcast, Kat Bailey, chose all the best pictures for the article itself so be sure to check out those aditional 10 pictures here.


Sheentaku said...

Awesome ART!!

BTW will we get a new episode soon? I know you guys are busy and do this as a hobby but i really enjoy your shows and always look forward to them.
I am just scared the show will die :(

Radical Dreamer said...

I believe we are recording a new episode this weekend. Also, if you feel like hearing me blather, I'll be on GamePro's Roleplayer's Realm podcast this week to talk about Type-0.

Chris said...

Thanks for the Gamepro article about Type-0. Looking forward to RR. And of course...very nice art. Thanks for posting.

Warner Carter said...

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