Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Out-Cast: Episode 02

Welcome to our second regular episode of the outcast. This one runs for 3 hours due to our special guest Daniel Feit. Dan also lives in japan is a freelance writer for Wired|GameLife and regularly contributes to Bitmob and his own web-page, Feitclub.com.

Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.

Download: Mediafire
Streaming: Blip.tv

2:48 Interests in Japan

What you been doing?
5:22 Borderlands and PJM Encore
13:49 Valkyria Chronicles 2
23:42 Heavy Rain
34:07 Gundam Senki
37:19 Fate Stay Night and Haruhi Movies
42:09 Battleship Yamato Expo and Pachinko
46:58 Resident Evil 5 DLC
49:51 100-Man Ton Barabara
54:41 Xenogears
56:51 Miyazaki Movies and Speed Racer

1:01:12 News in japan

  • Silent Hill Composer leaves Konami
  • God Eater Released
  • Final Fantasy XIII comparison screenshots
  • Director responds to FFXIII western scores
  • God of War III censorship is wanted!?
  • Evangelion 2.2 Blu Ray
  • Misinformation about Japanese interviews
1:30:26 AoU Arcade Show
  • Metal Gear Arcade
  • Booth Babes and Body Pillows
  • Vocaloid Attack!
  • Music GunGun and Gaia Attack 4
2:02:34 End Of Eternity - Part 2
2:13:57 Mailbag - We Reply to You!
  • Demon's Souls in Japan
  • White Knight in Japan
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII Impressions
  • Playing Final Fantasy XI
  • Playing XIII in English
  • Getting Jobs in Japan
  • Cultural Differences
  • How is it in Japan?


SolidBoss said...

Hi this is the first time i write here and just wanted to say that your podcasts are awesome!I hope you guys keep doing it and keep us people updated on japans culture and news! right now im still downloading Epis 2( very slowly) so ill post my impressons later. keep up the good work guys

riley said...

Hi guys! I'm really enjoying listening to your opinions; you're very fair, entertaining, and provide some great insight into gaming-not just in Japan. I particularly like the info on FFXIII.

I had a question for you. Since we've heard all of your opinions regarding Final Fantasy XIII (except Dan's of course), I was wondering how, in general, the rest of Japan is viewing the game. Do they like it? Hate it? I'd appreciate your opinions on the matter. Thanks a bunch, and I'm looking forward to the next episode.

litening_lad said...

hey guys thanks for the podcast..really OOOOSSSOOOMMMEEE... :D but i think the reason why they changed the name for end of eternity to resonance of fate is becuase theres a book called end of eternity and the author has copyrights to the name....like how james cameron has copyrights to the title avatar. if u dont already knw:D. One question tho...what is it with japanese people and the "asian peace sign"...i wanna live in japan i do the asian peace sign a lot taking pics...so if u do then i wont seem like such a freak...lol

tnks guys ^__^....litening lad?? what the hell was i thinking lol...forgot i used that haha :D

SolidBoss said...

this podcast episode was very nice! Im a big fan of Hatsune Miku so I was happy that you guys talked about the new game :) I would also like if you guys talked in the next episode some other japanese games that came out recently namely Persona 3 Portable and Ar Tonelico 3! I started playing recently Ar Tonelico 2 and i was suprised because i liked it very much and when I heard the new game came out recently for ps3 in japan i got anxious for it! About Persona 3 Portable if you guys played could you please tell me some diferences from the ps2 version? For last could you guys please talk a bit more of KH Birth by Sleep? im a big fan of the serie and im waiting for this game a long time now that the last episode talk about the game felt short to me compared to a whole episode dedicated to FFXIII! And yes Kyle for me Kingdom Hearts is a serie so good as a Final Fantasy game! ;)

riley said...
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riley said...

Sorry for the double post, but I thought of another question that's been bothering me. I was wondering what your guys' impressions were on FFXIII's leveling/progression system (I think it's the only thing you didn't talk about in the first podcast).

Prince of Darkness said...

Love the podcast guys ! Keep it up !
Is japan a nice place to live compared to north America (Canada in particular).

Jason said...

What's that song at the beginning of the podcast? o.o must download

Devin said...

What is the song at the beginning?!??

Anonymous said...

The song is Dream Fighter by Perfume. These guys actually got me listening to all their songs :D

Gwyn said...

Darn it ZAIN! I was saving THAT for the new podcast that is due up in the next 48hrs! DOH! lol.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, good to hear another podcast is due soon! It's been a while (or at least feels like it).

Akuiso iso said...

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